by A. W. Tozer


The church and the world once walked apart
On the changing shores of time.
For according to God's Holy Bible,
The church and world don't rhyme.
How can two walk together,
Unless they be agreed?
How can a Christian love the world,
Unless he be DECEIVED?
They preach the love of Jesus,
Without the wrath of God.
They're trying to walk the middle
Where Jesus never trod.
He preached Repent! or Perish!
Today they preach, believe.
And multitudes are going to church
And going to hell, DECEIVED!
The Bible says love not the world,
Neither the things therein.
Although some try to walk with God,
While they still live in sin.
Unequally yoked they walk on,
Hand in hand agreed,
The Church and the world, the best of friends,
Down through the bloody trail of time
Our fathers fought the fight
Proclaimed the Holy Word of God,
Stood up for what was right.
Today we've lowered our standards,
The Bible is not believed.
There is a way that seemeth right,
Someone is sure DECEIVED!
Many are called, but few are chosen
To walk salvation's trail.
Though multitudes have filled the pews,
They're just dressed up for HELL'
They tickle their ears and scratch their backs,
Before they have believed.
And add them to the Church of God,
How sad, so many DECEIVED!
Religion cannot satisfy
The sinful heart of men.
The soul cannot be pacified,
"Ye must be born again".
You must repent of all your sins,
Before you can believe!
Turn from your wicked ways to Christ!
Or go to hell DECEIVED!
They build their empires to the sky,
To show the works of man.
They brag and hammer with the world,
Though they build on sinking sand.
Their vast domains will tumble down,
Though now they can't conceive,
That eternity will soon reveal
That the so-called church was DECEIVED!
The gates of hell will not prevail
Against the church of God!
The trail of blood was not in vain,
This trail our fathers trod.
The changing shores may bring new trends,
But the chosen will believe.
For all that the Father gives to Christ
Will never be DECEIVED!

This is a reprint from the writings of A.W.Tozer. Published by Christian Publications.Harrisburg PA

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