"Where is the discernment?

BYGary R. Kane"

I pray you will take the time to read the following note concerning Halloween.  Really, not just Halloween, but the real message is, "The lack of discernment in the body of Christ."  It may be thought strange to some, to send this to those who love the Lord, but not really.  There are so very many well meaning Christians who just do 'not have a clue' that they should not participate in such a Satanic, evil ritual as this. I know it all looks cute and innocent. This is what Satan wants you to think.  He also loves it when Churches have "alternative night."   This is the same thing as so called "alternative music," (Christian rock, so called).  I understand the word 'alternative,' but it is not used in it's proper form in many churches today.  It is used like a sugar substitute.

Once a person comes to Christ, the Bible says they are a "new creation, old things have passed away, and ALL things become new.."   We are no longer in love with what we used to love that was ungodly.  Rock music, country and western music, rap music, and a host of other habits, entertainments, and the like, that are not pleasing to God, and do not represent the holy character of our Lord Jesus Christ.  But the devil, in his craftiness, has brought in the word "alternative," and as he does everything else he touches, he has twisted the meaning of it.  The way it is used, (not admittedly, but in spiritual ignorance), is "hey my flesh always loved hard rock music, since I am a Christian, I am not and should listen to such things, so I will listen to "Christian rock," .........."Because it too, still satisfies my flesh with the same kind of beat and rhythm, so it's kind of like I still get to keep part of what I used to love so much. Oh how the flesh and the devil will help you find ways to keep something you should not have, all in the name of Jesus!

The same for Halloween.  Churches having Halloween parties, and activities for the kids, all in the name of Jesus!  "Well we are just dressing up as angels and Moses, and bible characters, and giving the children a 'heavenly way to participate in the devils holiday" !     NO....     It is still a participation!    Why not stay home, and teach your children how evil and cruel and sneaky Satan is, and this is a day that the world, those who do not know Jesus as Lord, go out (some in ignorance), and celebrate it.  You say "my child would not understand, or they are to small to understand."   Mom, Dad, then just say "NO, this is something my love, that Jesus does not approve of."  Then when they can understand, explain it !

I know that there are a few reading this letter, that think this is complete rubbish.  Friend it is not.  It is truth, plain and simple.  For the most part the Church has fallen asleep in the lap of the world the same as Samson did in the lap of Delilah, and the Devil has given these Christians a "spiritual haircut" and they have lost their power, and ability to discern what is light, and what is dark!  I see Churches in the Dallas area here, with banners hung across the entrance of the building..  "Kids Halloween party."   Baptist churches, and Pentecostal as well.  An Assembly of God here is having what they call "Truck or treat night."  Everyone, (as the church bulletin reads), should come and decorate your vehicles, and we will have fun, games, candy, etc..."   Beloved, This is very sad.  It is very dangerous.  It is a church and a people, and a Pastor, that have received a "spiritual haircut," and lost their power (with God), and their ability to discern light from dark.

The devil is a fantastic "counterfeiter."   He counterfeits some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in some people and gatherings, and as the Word clearly teaches us, he counterfeits as an angel of light, and his servants as teachers or preachers of righteousness. (II Corinthians 13-15).

 So, you see, when the people of God, decide to have an "alternative Halloween night",  all they are doing is "counterfeiting the real thing" !   It is "still a participation" !  Now they have become the counterfeiters of the Devils activities, the way the devil counterfeits God's work through others.  This is not foolishness, it is "folly."  It is sin!

This lack of understanding in the body of Christ is, again, a manifestation of a "spiritual haircut," from spending so much time in the world's playground, and it's mind set. Thus, we do not really see the miracles and the visitations of the Holy Spirit in our gatherings the way we should be seeing them, or people coming to Christ, or the desire to get out and bring them to Christ, or a hunger, I mean a really deep hunger and thirst for Jesus, for righteousness, and holiness.  There is not much desire to hear a message to bring us to conviction, and contrition, and brokenness and true godly sorrow and repentance and life. 

No, instead some have become "content," to sit week after week in the dead dusty atmosphere of a lifeless, and in some cases, Christ-less church, where men have to try and "invent ways" to entertain, and keep you there, because they have not got the power of God in them, or in their words, or message. Then they dry up, people die,  they become indifferent, complacent, and comfortable.  Oh, they have their classes, and their bible study groups, and activities, but there is "no power" !  It has become a religious activity, and brings a blood boiling anger to the flesh of some, when they hear this truth, because they have been "desensitized" to the true working of the Holy Spirit, and the precious depths of God's heart.

This is all very elementary, and we should be so heart broken over this condition among such a majority of what is called church today.   Beloved, we need to pray like never before in this final hour for the body of Christ to have a fresh awakening by he Holy Spirit, a fresh fire to ignite and stir the life of Jesus Christ in His people, that we would be "imitators of God..."   That Ephesians 5:1 tells us to be.  To follow Christ, to imitate Him, to hear HIS voice, and NOT a strangers voice.  The voice of the world, is a 'strangers voice' to the true believer of Jesus Christ.  It can come from the media, the T.V. the paper a million other sources, and even from the pulpit and class room in your church, from those who have had a "spiritual haircut."  Those that have no connection with Christ in a way that brings forth the true anointing, and message of truth spoken in love, with a pure heart, "without fear and approval of men."

We are never to be afraid that God's word may "offend someone."  If the Word of God offends someone, they are not in love with it, or the author of it.  The flesh and the devil hate the truth, and so do those who have a "form of godliness, but have denied the power thereof..."   In other words, denied the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, to be used in the dealings of the Holy Spirit to their heart to bring conviction, and repentance, and freedom, and life, and salvation!

I pray that you will share this with someone you know. Perhaps your Pastor, elder deacon, a teacher, or just a brother or sister in Christ who needs to have a wake up call.   If they truly love the Lord and His word, they will thank you.  If not, they will estrange themselves from you.  This, beloved is just all a part of walking with Jesus. 

I have relatives that won't talk to me about spiritual matters, won't pray with me, or get in the word with me, or share spiritual experiences, and think I am mean and harsh, and critical and cynical and "out of it," because I see things they "cannot see," because they have laid their head in the lap of the "religious world," and become comfortable with the "easy gospel,"  (which is no gospel at all), and have actually become a slave to the "Jezebel spirit",  that leads God's people astray, (away from the truth of the Word).  This is heart breaking, and I am sure most of you on this mailing list have similar situation/s in your families as well, and stories you could tell.

I have sent this to you today, to stir you. If you have been uninformed of these things we have talked about here, then repent. If you already knew these things, and I believe the majority of our readers do, then perhaps, as I suggested, pass it along to a friend, or a leader in the church that the Lord would lead you to give it to, so they will have the opportunity to "have their hair grow back once again," and the true power of the Cleansing blood of Jesus Christ wash them through repentance, and they can experience the power of the Spirit of God in their lives, or ministry, without the gimmicks, the pretense, and the masquerading.  We need the Life of Christ, and the breath of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and He will come, and bring that stirring, If we will humble ourselves and pray, and seek Him with all our hearts.  Won't you cry out to Him today, and ask him to cleanse you, and bring His fresh fire into your life....He is on His way even now to those whose hearts are fully His!

God bless you all, in the mighty name of Jesus!



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