by:  Gary R. Kane


Beloved and friends in Christ Jesus our Lord…


I write this to you all, because I deal with so very many defeated people who should be walking in victory, but do not know “some of how, and what, “ can really help them to overcome their situations. I am not saying YOU who received this, are one of those… You may be, or maybe later, or you want to ‘stay free’, and this can be added to you arsenal of what truly does work, “if done with a sincere heart, and pure heart motive, and in understanding of the nature and context being presented here….”

I say these things (see below ) out loud.  It is scripture. Can’t go wrong with that. Satan hates it, and if you are serious in it, he leaves !  God draws Near!   Amen..

It is NOT “a wrote,” if it from a pure heart wanting to draw closer to Jesus, and between you and God. The Pharisees were rebuked by Jesus for the “Vain babbling.”   Amen, well and good and deserved…  But, in the next verse Jesus exposed their evil hearts in the repetitive babbling prayers, and he said, “ you do this to gain attention of men…”

I do not do this to gain attention from men, it is done in private as I walk down the hall, or in the living room, or truck, etc.   And I am saying in it all, “Praise you God for all this in me, and done for me, oh how I so dearly Love you, and take you at your promises” ( Word ) !

So, this is found in the sermon I sent you all a few months ago, called Faith Hope and Love, and Receiving from God. It is on the sermons page of the bibleword.com web site.   

This has been slightly updated for you all.  Now, use it,  or, add your heart cry and words to it, do your own!  But I assure you all, over all the years as a man of God, Minister, and a ‘Sheep.”  This, and more like it, when done with a pure heart and motives, consistently, ( not ‘trying it out ), will be ‘added to your arsenal’ of “weapons of warfare, and your thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ", and, will train you to hear yourself “say what God has already said about you, “  ‘Whether you ‘feel it,’ or feel like it or not. It is still scripture, and what Jesus has said about you. Get in on it !  Amen !  ( perhaps, re-read that sermon on the site  ).   http://www.bibleword.com/fhlarfG.htm 

I pray it will minister to, and bless you and those you care about and love as well… Amen !

Not meant as some 'magic bullet..'  No, It is meant to build us up as we give thanks to God for these things (and more ), as you, discover more ways, and praises, and promises, that you "already have," and hear yourself say them, and you will begin to believe them, as they get down into your heart, and as they do, you will find your acting on the word, and nothing will move you again to fear, dread, worry doubt and unbelief and wavering.. Amen !

The "example below," is just that. An example. Many more promises, for marriage, wisdom, family, Church, etc, can be given to God and build up your faith, and let it get down onto your spirit,  This is NOT a name it and claim it T.V prosperity come on. This is a powerful way to use the scripture, not to get rich and famous, and aquire "things for the flesh," NO, it is a very scriptural way to simply say what the Word of God, what Jesus, has already said about you...   I know it will be a blessing to you. Use this example, and then make it your own. You cannot find aenough to declare..


This practice, will build you up, in Christ, and strenghten your hope and faith in the Lord and his Word....


This “MY” talk to God, ( just a VERY small part of it ) when my feet hit the floor every morning, and it “is always changing…..”  !  ( meant as an example for you all ).


Lord Jesus Thank you….

I have health, thank you Lord that you sent your word to heal me, that you said you forgive all my sins and heal all my sickness, that by your stripes I have been healed, thank you, praise you Jesus.  I have love and joy and peace and patients, and kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control,  thank you Jesus, and thank you that you are at work in me to will and do your good pleasure, and praise God that you are working in me to bring to completion that which you already started in me, praise God I have grace and mercy, thank you Lord that I have compassion, and passion, and meekness, and humility. Thank you Jesus that I have all authority over the power of hell. Thank you Lord that you meet all my needs according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Thank you Lord for anointing me with your power. Thank you Lord that you did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind, I have the mind of Christ, I have the helmet of salvation, praise God I am loved, and God is love, and perfect love cast out all fear, and God is perfect love, Praise God !  Thank you Lord that I have made you my refuge, my dwelling place, and you said now no evil will befall me, nor any plague come near me. Praise God I am the head and not the tail, thank you Jesus that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Thank you Lord That I am on a firm foundation, and that I overcome the evil one by the blood of the lamb, and the word of my testimony, and not loving my life even unto death!  Thank you Jesus that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you Lord Jesus that you give me whatever I ask for in your name !  Thank you Lord Jesus that whatever I ask according to your will you hear me, and If I know you hear me, I know I have what I have ask for !  Thank you Jesus that all these things I speak over myself (not ask for, because its already been given, But I declare it and say it by faith) will come to manifestation, because I already have them.   You have already declared by your word, you have done these things for me, and given these things to me..  Praise you Jesus !    Now sickness, you are not wanted in my body which is the temple of God, and by the way, God does not want it here either, nor did he put it here. So I am telling this pain, this disease, this sickness to be gone, to leave me, because I am healed by the stripes of Jesus, he sent his word and healed me, he forgives all my sins and heals all my sickness !  Again, “thank you Lord Jesus that that I am fearfully and wonderfully made ! Thank you Father that you have already given me everything, all things, that pertain to life and righteousness. Thank you Lord that Jesus is my, holiness righteousness and redemption ! Praise you, thank you Lord  !     Also Jesus, I break every word, curse, hex vex and spell, every incantation, enchantment, and every evil wish thought prayer and desire, every work of necromancy, voodoo, every work of a wizard, a witch, a warlock, a sorcerer and sorceress, every work and word of a false Prophet, and false Prophetess,  all the works of the occult, and darkness and blackness and hell… I break all these off me, my home, health, life, family, ministry, marriage, finances, and property, in the mighty name, power, and blood, and  Word and cross of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God !  AMEN !




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