Beloved ,

I really was impressed by the Lord this morning to share this with you, as we are living in such perilous times, and such deception is in so many Churches across this country.  So many are starving for the truth, and yet all they get on Sunday is a "Feel Good Gospel," which is really "No Gospel " at all.  So many are fleeced by money hungry ministries, and the self seeking, self appointed, (in many cases, Pastors), those that spend NO real quality time in prayer and in the Word of God, they have no True communion with the Holy Spirit, they are what The Bible calls, "clouds without rain."

They cannot impart any true life of Christ to the congregation, for they have "no life to impart."  They too, are dried up!  They invent ways for people to come to their Church, they entertain them, and lead them into false hopes with programs, and steps to victory, and really are no more than "the self help, motivational speakers" on T.V.   The "True Fire" in the pulpits are all but gone! Where are those who will speak the truth in love, no matter what the cost to them, their family, their reputation, their wallets!  Where are the real men of God that will lay hold of the horn of the altar and weep day and night for the body of Christ, and come to the people with a Word straight from the throne of God, that will penetrate the hearts of the listeners, and bring by the Spirit of God true brokeness, true contrition, true godly sorrow for sin, and true repentance?

Where are they?  These bold ones, who do not have the fear and approval of man upon them, and their own concern and welfare in their hearts. ?  Where are the Men of God who have been shut in with the Lord, seeking His face, and come forth with a sincere and pure heart, and a love for the sheep, instead of a love for ambition, and making a name for them selves?

They are, I believe, right now being prepared by the Holy Spirit, they are the ones that are "unknown," they have no bragging rights, they are 'uncomely' to the religious crowd, they have been hidden away with the Lord until which time He will send them forth to do His will, and speak the truth to His people, without fear of personal attack, or lust for personal gain, or fame, or materialism.

Pray for these "unknown" men of God, pray they will continue to seek Christ heart, and receive the preparation of the Holy Spirit, and be "sent out," to bring forth FRESH FIRE! 

~ Pastor Gary R. Kane ~



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