"Thoughts and a prayer for everyone"

My prayer for you all !
I pray for you a good deal, and am believing God to do a work in you (as you yield and allow and submit) that he will usher you into the holy of holies and bring you face to face with the dealings of the Holy Spirit, and cause you to see and hunger and desire nothing but a radical transformation in accordance to the will and desire of the Holy Spirit.  And his surgical hands and his scalpel and cutting be of his doing not your own.  That you will have the revelation that God will go through all the fires with you in the process of death to self, and you will have the revelation of the resurrection realm, that place where we walk in the super natural power of God and no man or devil can talk you out of it ! 
 Remembering what the scriptures taught you, "that death works in you that life would work to others" (through you) and that God in these final days raise you up to be a defender of the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ, and an ambassador of his word entrusted to you to DO every good work, and you would be like a spiritual "Heat seeking missile," in that you would without any provocation from the Lord or man, seek out those that have the fire of hell on them and hone in to that target and bring a burst of the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and be a tree bearing good fruit for life, and plunder hell and populate heaven !  This is not about us. It is about everyone else. And that starts with it being ALL about Jesus FIRST, and just flat diving in the word/prayer and praise and not allowing ANY distractions or hindrance or excuse what so ever. The devil comes to kill steal and destroy....
He seeks someone to devour, he roams about looking. He finds those asleep and zooms in on them to rob their fire for God and tell them it is all to hard, and death to self is such a tremendous sacrifice, and Jesus will take you partially dead.... The Liar !   He (the devil) hates you, and he cannot stand you, and he hates God even more !  He does not want you to fully surrender the flesh. He loves flesh. He feeds on flesh like a bird of prey, like a lion on a kill, like a jackal on rotting meat.  And rotting meat we are when we will not submit to all God's ways but instead cling to stubbornness and fear.
The Church is in Deterioration and the smell of flesh is in the air. Stubborn flesh, un-yielding flesh, not yet fully surrenderd flesh, and the devil comes and feeds on it. He aids in it's rotten-ness, and causes it to be an abomination to God when not fully on the altar to die.
When the flesh is put to death by us, by surrendering to obedience in every area, and we allow the Holy Spirit to have his way, and we have broken the contract with the flesh, and start to "think inside Jesus", and no longer out side of Christ where the demons await to claw and devour, we then send up to God a sweet fragrance, one of a precious heart that has willfully died to the flesh, now this is a fragrance to God, and stench to the devil and he flees. He flees because we've drawn near to God, and God has drawn near to us, and we have resisted the devil... He flees. He takes with him all that would have oppressed and harmed others in our rebellious state of non-surrender to the Holy Spirit, and now we become teachers and edifiers, and builders of the body of Christ, and we do the works Jesus did and even greater, and the more we "think inside Christ", and know his mind, the more we will instantaneously give good to all those around us everyday.
 Every where, to all. Giving and speaking good and righteousness, and presenting the kingdom of God to all those we contact everyday, every where, and we will be sensitive to the needs of others, the hurt and pain and lost-ness and suffering of others, and be always willing to offer them comfort and help and sanctuary by the gifts of God working through us and drawing them to Christ with the word of life and healing by the Holy Spirit doing it through us, and in it all still knowing this to is not us, it is all God.  All the resources of heaven working through us, so we cannot boast of a thing, except that boast we have that we know nothing but Christ and him crucified, and we boast in the glory of the Lord and his power and his grace and his mercy and his goodness.
We reckon ourselves dead. We have no rights. We have no comfort zone. We have no thought for our own welfare but our mind is on things above and not on things below, and thus we seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness not our own. Then all these things we need, and all the things we must have to serve the kingdom of God, and all the available power and anointing from on high will be made known to us and as we abide in the word of God and the word abides in us, all along this walk of death to self and self desire we can ask what so ever we want and Jesus has promised to give it to us, and thus we will have all we need for walking in holiness and righteousness in this life and be ever so equipped to serve God in power and walk in love that the world may know and see that we are the true covenant remnant people of God because we love our brother more than our own life.
This, is my prayer for your life, and for my life.


May the God of all glory give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation that you might know him better !
In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ !
God bless you all.


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