by: Gary R. Kane


And Jesus said unto them, "if you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:32)

Beloved, the final hour is surely upon us! The "Day" is at hand and there will be many who will scoff at this message and at this preacher, but God has put a burning in my heart in these last days like never before! He is showing us how to be "SET FREE" in this closing hour. Jesus said the only real freedom is found in Him, in His word, truth by His Spirit.

BUT WHO IS WILLING TO LISTEN?.. WHO WANTS TO KNOW THE TRUTH? WHO TRULY WANTS TO FOLLOW JESUS WITH A WHOLE HEART, WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED? Thank God there are those who are hungry for the word of God, but so many are held captive by deception through what I call.. MIXED TEACHING! A DEADLY MIXTURE!

Friends, God is shaking everything that can be shaken and only those who know Him in His fullness, only those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth are going to hear His voice! Jesus said in John 10:27, "MY SHEEP LISTEN TO MY VOICE; I KNOW THEM AND THEY FOLLOW ME!"   Did he say they follow a tradition or a "movement'' or a denomination?   Did he say they will follow some "WELL KNOWN PREACHER?  NO!  He said.. they FOLLOW ME!   JESUS!   Jesus said to his disciples in John 13:20, "I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, WHOEVER ACCEPTS ANYONE I SEND ACCEPTS ME; AND WHOEVER ACCEPTS ME ACCEPTS THE ONE WHO SENT ME."   (emphasis mine).

 I tell you, beloved, today "A FEW" are hearing the Master's voice and SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS!  But still, there are those in the church who "REFUSE TO LISTEN!"  Still they turn their ears away to an "UNFAMILIAR SOUND."  A sound that is putting the body of Christ into "DEEP BONDAGE" and bringing forth, as the result, the very seeds of "BACKSLIDING AND APOSTASY!"   When all the time they are crying out in their houses and on the street corners and in the church... "WE'RE FREE ... WE'RE FREE."   In other words...  They 'think they are free', and have bought the lie that they are free while they continue to practice sin !   They are actually shouting that they are free to walk with hearts that arte not fully given to God, not truly committed to Christ, to his word, but still have their ticket punched to go to heaven !   But this is Not so !    


Beloved, it is the desire of the Lord for us to be free but, there can be no freedom where there is not a pure word going forth under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth and righteousness!  There will be no Holy Ghost conviction! No brokeness! No true repentance!  NO HATRED FOR SIN! ONE WAY THE BONDAGE COMES IS THROUGH A REJECTION OF THE TRUTH!   Let's look at one group that rejected the truth of the gospel in Mark 7:6-9.   Here we see Jesus dealing with the Pharisees concerning tradition! Jesus said to them, "ISAIAH WAS RIGHT WHEN HE PROPHESIED ABOUT YOU HYPOCRITES; AS IT IS WRITTEN:  "THESE PEOPLE HONOR ME WITH THEIR LIPS, BUT THEIR HEARTS ARE FAR FROM ME." (Won't do the whole will of God and receive all the word, not just a part.) THEY WORSHIP ME IN VAIN; THEIR TEACHINGS ARE BUT RULES TAUGHT BY MEN, (or their dreams and selfish ambitions.)  YOU HAVE LET GO OF THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD IN ORDER TO OBSERVE YOUR OWN TRADITIONS."  (emphasis mine).

Beloved, we are living in the days when it is not "POPULAR" to preach in such a way that will conform the body of Christ to "HOLINESS!" Instead there is compromise in the house of God!  The gospel has become weak in the hands of those who hold fast to the traditions of men, and to those who only want to keep "BIG NUMBERS" or make a name for themselves, or hold to their denomination teaching! The word of God has become weak in the hands of those who "FEAR MAN" and call the truth, "NEGATIVE PREACHING," "NOT LOVING," "TOO OFFENSIVE!"  

You see, feeding the sheep "ONLY A PART OF THE WORD OF GOD" will not bring the washing, the cleansing, the purification needed in this final hour to conform the body to the "IMAGE OF CHRIST." Just as Jesus dealt with these Pharisees almost two thousand years ago, so He will deal with them TODAY WHO CHEAPEN THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!  Those who make light of the judgment of Almighty God!  Those who tickle the ears of the listeners are not staying "SHUT IN" in the watchtower of prayer with God!  They do not really know the true heart of God, or what to say to the people ...  

The Lord spoke to Ezekiel about the preachers who were not feeding the sheep all the food. (Ezekiel 34:7) "THEREFORE YOU SHEPHERDS, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD; AS SURELY AS I LIVE DECLARES THE SOVEREIGN LORD, BECAUSE MY FLOCK LACKS A SHEPHERD AND HAS SO BEEN PLUNDERED, (taken captive), AND HAS BECOME FOOD FOR ALL THE WILD ANIMALS, (being devoured by the powers of darkness), AND BECAUSE THE SHEPHERDS DID NOT SEARCH FOR MY FLOCK, (they did not try to ward off their captivity from the enemy), BUT CARED FOR THEMSELVES RATHER THAN MY FLOCK, (had selfish ambition and would not bring the people into "all" the light), THEREFORE OH SHEPHERDS HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD; THIS IS WHAT THE SOVEREIGN LORD SAYS; I AM AGAINST THE SHEPHERDS, (because of their pride), AND WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR MY FLOCK. I WILL REMOVE THEM FROM TENDING THE FLOCK SO THAT THE SHEPHERDS CAN NO LONGER FEED THEMSELVES, (exploit the sheep for a paycheck or to make a name). I WILL RESCUE MY FLOCK FROM THEIR MOUTHS, (because they are destroying the people with what they are doing), AND IT WILL NO LONGER BE FOOD FOR THEM.  (emphasis mine).

Folks, God is serious! He wants the sheep delivered from the hand of the enemy!  Satan!  The liar!  Flesh and blood are not our enemy, it is the demon spirits behind and through these blind guides that lead God's people into indifference and complacency. Jesus wants to set these captives free!  He wants them to enjoy good pasture (pure word).  But so many of his people have become callous, their hearts have become hardened to the truth because of "PILLOW PROPHETS," that they can't even discern the truth from the lie anymore!  The Lord said to these people in Hosea 4:16, "THESE ISRAELITES ARE STUBBORN, LIKE A STUBBORN HEIFER, HOW CAN THE LORD PASTURE THEM LIKE LAMBS IN A MEADOW?  The Lord said in Hosea 4:6, "MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. BECAUSE YOU HAVE IGNORED THE LAW OF YOUR GOD, I WILL ALSO IGNORE YOUR CHILDREN."   (emphasis mine).

Folks, does the word of God say that God's people can be destroyed? Does the word of God say the powers of darkness can attack those who are walking in darkness? Those who still love part of their flesh nature more than obedience to the Spirit of God?  Beloved, Jesus came to set you free from the mouth of the lion, to bring you into his heart to captivate you with his love, to be a hedge around you, your high tower, your shield, to fight your battles and protect you from the enemy and his lies. We read this in I John 3:7-8. "LITTLE CHILDREN LET NO ONE DECEIVE YOU; THE ONE WHO PRACTICES RIGHTEOUSNESS IS RIGHTEOUS, JUST AS HE IS RIGHTEOUS; THE ONE WHO PRACTICES SIN IS OF THE DEVIL; FOR THE DEVIL HAS SINNED FROM THE BEGINNING. THE SON OF GOD APPEARED FOR THIS PURPOSE, THAT HE MIGHT DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL!

Did you get that? You do not have to live in bondage! You do not have to sit somewhere and be destroyed! Don't be deceived brethren! God has a word for those of you who are hungry for more of Him, for His word, His truth! It's found in Jeremiah 51:45, "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE AND RUN FROM THE FIERCE ANGER OF THE LORD!" Folks, God's remnant people are seeking to know Him with ALL their hearts. They want to stand in his presence and behold his glory! They are tired of the games and the entertainment and dryness, they are HUNGRY FOR THE LIVING GOD!   (all emphasis mine).

They are seeking to walk in covenant with Jesus and to keep his word!  All of it!  Jesus said in Mark 4:24, "CONSIDER CAREFULLY WHAT YOU HEAR!"  Draw near to Jesus with all your heart, cry out to him for TRUTH, FOR LIGHT! HE WILL GIVE IT TO YOU AND SET YOU FREE!  PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!  HERE IS HOPE BELOVED! YOU CAN HEAR HIS VOICE! HE WILL SAY TO YOU "THIS IS THE WAY, WALK IN IT.."..

 Beloved, God's voice will "ALWAYS" lead you into victory! You may go through the valley of the shadow of death!  But if you'll cling to Jesus and trust His word and name.  He will deliver you and take you through whatever your going through. Don't be afraid to let go of the "flesh" and obey the voice of the Lord, the flesh brings you into more and more bondage ... But obedience will bring you into freedom. And don't make the mistake of calling obedience "legalism" or "negative." These are only "fleshly" "EXCUSES" not to deal with our heart! (Ps.103:7) says, HE MADE KNOWN HIS WAYS TO MOSES, HIS DEEDS TO THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL. God wants to make HIS WAYS known to you. Verse (17-18) says, BUT FROM EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING THE LORD'S LOVE IS WITH THOSE WHO FEAR HIM, AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS WITH THEIR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN --- WITH THOSE WHO KEEP HIS COVENANT AND REMEMBER TO OBEY HIS PRECEPTS.    (emphasis mine).

God desires to lead you into all all all truth! cry out to him today! Seek him while he may be found! There is more than "DEAD RELIGION" THERE IS THE LIVING GOD READY TO PULL YOU OUT OF THE PIT AND DARKNESS AND BRING YOU INTO HIS GLORIOUS LIGHT!



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