by: Gary R. Kane


On a recent trip to the "SANGRE DE CHRISTO" (BLOOD OF CHRIST), mountains of northern N.M. the Lord gave me a word while in prayer. I believe this is a very urgent word from the Lord. I know it brought me to my face crying out to him in these troubled times. I believe it is a very "critical" time for the church, and the Lord wants to bring "TRUE REVIVAL" to us. "BUT HE WANTS TO BRING IT HIS WAY!" Beloved what has happened to us? Where is the true desire for God? Where is the "HUNGER AND THIRST AFTER THE HEART OF GOD?" We've lost the "HOLY FIRE" in most pulpits, and they have turned into a "PLATFORM FOR PERFORMANCE!" Sermonetts, jokes, men's OPINIONS rather than preaching "THE WORD OF GOD." The word of God when preached in all truth, and with a pure heart and pure motives, will be, in the hands of a man of God, as Jeremiah describes it in (JER 23:28-29) You see, here he distinguishes between the man who is preaching out of his "OWN MIND," and the faithful servant who is.. "APPROVED BY GOD, AND CORRECTLY HANDLES THE WORD OF TRUTH." (II TIM 2:15)

Jeremiah compares the empty words of men to "STRAW," and the word of God to "GRAIN," something you can eat and be nourished with. This "GRAIN," will be, the prophet says,... "LIKE A FIRE DECLARES THE LORD, AND A HAMMER THAT BREAKS THE ROCK IN PIECES," (that is a hard heart). Beloved the preaching of holiness, righteousness and repentance is all but lost and forgotten and "UNWANTED," in most churches! The cry today is "ENTERTAIN US." Whenever a steady consistent diet of the word of God comes forth in "PURITY AND IN POWER," it will not only expose our hearts to us by the Holy Spirit, and bring conviction, but if we receive it, comes brokeness, contrition, confession, then, when true repentance comes, there will be "FREEDOM AND LIBERTY." Not only that, but it will create a "HUNGER FOR MORE OF GOD!" This hunger for God and God alone, not for "MANIFESTATIONS," or "MOVEMENTS," but a desire to be brought into the presence of a Holy God, this hunger for "JESUS," will bring "TRUE REVIVAL IN THE EARTH AMONG GODS PEOPLE!" "AND ALSO ALL THAT THE LORD WOULD DO IN OUR MIDST!"


It's not a man or a personality that will bring the fire of God's revival to His church in the earth-but it is buy my Spirit say's the Lord. I am looking for men and raising up men who will, like John the Baptist, go in the spirit of Elijah with the power and anointing of God. Not seeking after earthly gain. Not seeking after a life of comfort, ease and earthly pleasures, but men that will go, as John did, before the great visitation of the Lord to his church, and prepare the way for revival. The men I raise up will not fear to walk into the valley of dry bones and prophesy MY WORD, but they will be men with the vision I've given them in their hearts of the soon coming of Christ. They will call first of all MY church to repentance and purity- those who have an ear to hear will be brought into MY heart, they will be "LIVING EPISTLES." My church will learn to flow with the Spirit of God and not be opinionated they will preach the word to the nations as well, and those who are not already of MY remnant fold will come through the gate, which is Christ, and into the Kingdom of God as I am lifted up. MY blood has not lost it's power-nor have the gifts that are administered by the Holy Spirit, nor am I asleep and have forgotten MY sheep. It is time for MY church to wake up and rise from the dead and let MY glorious light shine into the very depths of their being, that they will be a people who submit to the dealings of their God, take up their cross and follow me. I will deal first in this way with those whom I have placed in leadership- their will be an awakening to repentance and a call to a deeper commitment to me. Most of my shepherds do not spend time with me- they are clouds without rain. But I will woo them and draw them by my Spirit into consistent intimacy with ME, and those who will not submit will lose their anointing! Those who fear man will lose their anointing! Those who are lazy and seek after greed and earthly pleasures, will, like the rest, lose the touch and presence of God. But those who truly hunger and thirst after ME, and live a life of repentance and prayer and tremble at MY Word and obey ME rather than men, I will pour upon them MY power and wisdom. I will reveal to them the secret things of God the others will never hear or see. Unlike the others, these holy vessels will speak with and in the authority of God, not their own words which fall to the ground and do not edify MY people. Those who cling to me through suffering and trials and remain faithful, those who have set their hands to the plow and do not look back- those who are not seeking after crowds, and money and the so-called benefits of Pastoral life-but go into their closets and shut the door- those who hear my voice and receive MY word and feed MY SHEEP, I will pour out from heaven upon them that they shall not want or lack for anything! I, God, will meet their needs and lead them in the way they should go and they shall follow. I am sending a fire to MY church in the earth to prepare her for MY coming. Tell them to pay careful attention to what they hear-and not to follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. These things will come, but to those who seek ME diligently I will greatly reward and they will not have to fear the great falling away, but they shall rejoice even in tribulation- because they have come into MY heart! these have learned to trust ME, not analyze MY WORD but to OBEY it! They know by revelation of MY Holy Spirit that I am pruning them and allowing various tests, trials and fires in their lives to perfect them and purify for Myself a Bride ready for her Groom, without spot or wrinkle. Go and tell these things, speak of them often- point the people to JESUS, not to men or to movements. Warn them of folly and bitterness and unforgiveness and pride- such things as these will not benefit them, but destroy them. Warn them against unbelief and lead them into all truth. I will have a Holy Remnant, a people after MY heart, who will cling to ME and love ME above all other things. Take heart and fear not, but follow only as My spirit leads. Be careful how you listen- and be careful to obey the truth you receive. Rely upon MY love and fear not at the sights you will see around you- only keep your heart focused on ME, Jesus. Those who have an ear to hear will see My glory. Those who call out "Lord, Lord" and continue in their ways and not Mine will be sent a spirit of delusion, This kind of judgment is already among some of MY people, they praise Me with their lips but their hearts far from me-yet they believe everything is fine and that they hear MY voice and receive revelation from Me, yet, in their religious pride they hear nothing but empty words, hollow sounds magnified by their own selfish desires and they are taken captive to do the will of the devil and cause suspicion and confusion among My people-but those who have an ear to hear will not listen to a strangers voice-they have been spending much time with Me-and obey me and expose the lies of the evil one and by My power lead their neighbor out of the snare of the devil. REMAIN IN MY LOVE, RELY UPON MY LOVE --- FEAR NOT!



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