Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.
It seems that everywhere I go, and almost everyone I speak to these days, are undergoing some kind of test, trial, fire, hardship.  There is a wavering of faith though, among a great deal of the saints of God, as the Devil pounds them with one blow after another. Some feel there is no end to this torment, some say how long Lord, how long? Why am I being battered like this at every turn?  Some of our afflictions are brought on by our own sin, our unbelief.  Failure to trust God , and cling to Him no matter how bad things seem to be, and trying to take matters into our own hands.  We should know by now, this "never" works out.  Some of these trials are simply what I call "furnace sessions."  A place divinely designed to mold us and form us to the image of Christ, a place to be, as Peter was, 'sifted as wheat.'   Beloved, God knows where you are at, and His arm is not to short to save, heal, deliver, rescue, and provide, everything you need for life and freedom, and peace in the Lord.
Walking in the Holy Spirit, is a process, not an instant act, or a feeling.
Allow Him to have his way with you. Allow Him to comfort you.
Allow Him to work in you the Faith that moves mountains, and fears no demon, no trial, no fire, no bad news!
He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power love, and a sound mind!
I pray the message below, will be a word from the Lord to your heart!


"Our Faith Into The Furnace"


God is really letting our faith go into the furnace of affliction; he must!

We have preached about a pure bride; now we are going to become that bride!

Moses, a man that led the whole nation of Israel out of the hand of the
devil; ends up with a bunch of grumblers wondering around the desert.

Elijah.. a prophet! A man of God!  Prophesying to a wicked king only to be
sent to a brook that would soon dry up.  Then, it was on to a widow so she
could provide the man of God's, needs. Only to pull up and go on to
humiliate the prophets of Baal, and show that their God and their preaching
was fleshly Babel!  Then kill them!  Only to run from an enraged woman who
gained control with a Jezebel spirit!  Yet again God provided!  Sent him back
the same way he came from in his running with a fresh vision and mantle!

Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, the other prophets, Paul, John, Peter, James
Oh yes, and Jesus, all through the fire! "I have a baptism to under go!", "A cup
to drink!", "There will be a fire, a holy fire!", "And how I wish it had already come!" (said Jesus) A holy fire to purge, to cleanse, to burn love into the hearts of my people, that they would know me, and be so very separated from the world, and the actions of the world in their own lives, a fire that would burn hotter than the sun itself, and would ignite the passion and the pathos and the
living energy of the living God!

He is coming for the "True Church" and the gates of hell will not prevail against
this church! She will, in the face of affliction, stand firm! In persecution, and
wrong,... to pray!  In the face of trials and tribulations, and test, stand faithful,
faithful, and true! In the end... stand affirmed! And then sit, at the table with
the king!

We all have so very much to learn about the Lord, about his ways, about his
dealings, and about his will, but in it all.. the simplicity of the matter is,
"he has been there with us, through it all"

It is truly, right now, for some of you, a dark night of the soul.

Times when we do not hear
the Lord, nor see him at all, but He is ever there
as loving as ever, calling us to be, to bear, to remain, to abide, to obey, to trust,
to hope, to pray, to believe. He who started a good work in us.. will complete it!

Let us then, not faint; and lose heart, as some have, but let us run the race, and
finish the course set before us. And all along the course; hold each other up to the Lord, that our faith would fail us not!


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