These words, "IT IS FINISHED," we find spoken by Jesus while on the cross! Look with me if you will at ....(John 19:30).         When he (Jesus), had received  the drink, Jesus said,  "It is finished."

          .........What do suppose Jesus meant when He said;  ..."It is finished?" Beloved He was saying, in effect. The curtain in the "temple," was only a picture of what was happening on the cross. The curtain being, "torn into,"    "the veil being rent,"  (that is the flesh). The body of Jesus as a sacrifice opening the way for us to have this, "intimate relationship and fellowship with God we've been speaking of."

Jesus, making the way for us to come, "directly," now, into the presence of Almighty God! His body, His flesh, torn, opened the way for us to have a new life and oneness with the Father. You see, beloved, we don't have to come to, or through, "a man,"  but, the way has been paved to come directly to God through His Son,  "BY THE BLOOD!

What He is saying here is this:   Because Jesus laid down His life on the altar called, "a cross," because He became the sacrifice for our sin, we now have,  "direct access to the throne room of God!"   The curtain in the temple that was torn into, was only the "picture," of the true curtain, Jesus Christ!

Once Jesus was nailed to that cross, and all our sins were placed upon Him, God's wrath came upon His own Son.  God's judgment that should have been upon us, was placed on His Son Jesus. The Lamb of God had been slain, the blood had been shed, the sacrifice was now complete!

Now God is saying to the world; "For all who look upon Jesus as their Lord and savior, and believe there is, "NO OTHER WAY."   "NO OTHER SACRIFICE." "NO OTHER OFFERING FOR THEIR SALVATION."   "NOTHING ELSE WHAT WHATSOEVER THAT YOU CAN DO TO COME TO HIM."   "TO KNOW HIM."   "NOW COME, TRUST ME BY FAITH IN ALL YOU DO!"

He is saying to all who come when I call, and believe your sins have been placed upon my Son, Jesus, and turn from those sins and trust me by faith, I will reveal myself to you! I in you and you in me, you can come into the,  "HOLY OF HOLIES."   "THAT'S  MY VERY PRESENCE!"     Because you are coming through the blood of Christ!  The veil has been removed!  The curtain is torn!  It is finished!      THE LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD!

Beloved, let this encourage you, and lift you up this day!   To know that no matter what is going on in your life, if you know Christ as Lord, you have all of Heaven itself now open to you! Don't try to,  "help God out in the energy of your flesh,"  It is finished!  It is all God!


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