by: Gary R. Kane.


Beloved, there is no doubt in our hearts that we are in the last days! There is so much in the Church that is breaking the heart of God.  So much emphasis put on" movements,"  and  "manifestations." While all the time these people are, "laughing and falling on the floor," and using terminology's for their so called manifestations, like...."Barking like a dog,"    "Frog jumpers," and the like! They seem to forget, or are ignorant of the true emphasis of the second chapter of the book of Acts!

Sure there were great manifestations! Sure there was a mighty move of God! Sure the people were even thought to be "drunk," by the "pagan" community outside! But read the rest of the chapter!

Read the rest of the book!  They "Immediately Went Outside And Began To Witness The Good News To Those Who Were There!     The good news of the new birth in Christ Jesus! Then Peter got up and preached and "thundered," the Word of God!  Many were saved that day, their numbers grew from,  "HEARING THE SALVATION MESSAGE,"   not, come and see how holy we are, or come and see how spiritual we are, or how drunk on the Spirit we are. Their message, was not, come and learn how to fall out in the Holy Spirit!  Folks, when God is ready for someone to, "fall out under His Spirit,"  He will just come and do it!  You will not need anyone to teach you how!  And God would certainly not, nor has He ever, lead His people to make an "ISSUE OUT OF,"   "OR TO DRAW THE ATTENTION TO," MANIFESTATIONS, INSTEAD OF JESUS CHRIST!

Now if you read on, in the"fourth chapter" of the book of Acts, 32-35,   You will find that they even sold their lands and houses, to see to it that all were provided for, and that no one had any needs! You see,  THAT IS THE REAL MANIFESTATION OF CHRIST IN A PEOPLE!   They supernaturally become loving, giving, serving, caring.  They are truly changed by the power of almighty God!  They are not showing up to play games and draw attention to themselves, but to Christ!  The glory goes to Christ!  

They who have been truly filled with Him, are not coming and making a three ring circus out of what should be a genuine and powerful and pure and holy thing.  All this emphasis on the attention to the flesh is part of the GREAT FALLING AWAY!   You may not want to hear that, but it does not take away from it's truth!

I thank God for godly shepherds who are leading the sheep into "pure pastures," where they can feast upon Jesus and His Word!  Beloved, God wants more than anything to bring, "TRUE REVIVAL," to His church.     But in most cases, it is being blocked by these "false teachings," and things, "taught by demons."   Some have already traded the truth for the lie!   Relationship for, "experience,"  "faith for feelings,"   "purity for folly!"  And the Word of God is being used less and less in the pulpits to make room for the stories and jokes and myths of men!

Jesus told His disciples:  "Be careful how you hear....."  You see, God longs to feed you in good rich pastures and to bring you into his heart!    Beloved, Jesus never made a side show out of anything! But in all things, gave glory to the Father.   And if there was someone at His side today, "barking like a dog,"............Our Lord would cast a demon out them and set them free from the bondage of the devil!

His call is to repentance and purity!  Joy?  You better believe it!  God wants us full of joy! Jesus said in, (John 15: 10-11),   "If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my fathers commandments and abide in His love. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full."     THIS IS WERE THE JOY COMES FROM!

Beloved, this is the most critical hour we have ever been in, and according to Jesus it will get worse, then the end will come.   I'm not a "doomsday preacher!"  I am simply crying out from the roof tops, those things which the father has shown me in the secret closet of prayer with Him.

We all have so many things the Lord wants to heal in us, so we can be more like Him. He so desires to show us the right pathway, and make known to his people the ways of His Spirit. God, even now, is taking me into and through what he told me was a "SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL DETOXIFICATION!"   And this must happen all through the body of Christ as well. God has shown me that there has been so much selfishness in certain areas of my heart, areas that I've not fully trusted in Him or in His love for me.  Beloved He wants it all!

He wants our complete trust and faith in all His abilities! His love for us is indescribable, and He wants us to "rely," upon that divine love to take us through the days ahead, and the things we are facing right now in our own homes, family, health, perhaps at work or at school. But it does not end right here. There is a flood of Satanic lies about us even now, trying to draw us away from our, "pure devotion in Christ."   Satan is pouring out his filth upon mankind like never before!  The good news is, that God will have for Himself a, "remnant people,"  who will not fall under the pressures of this age, or the demonic attacks that buffet them. They will not be, "lead astray." to the false teachings, and movements of the devil and the flesh, that place the emphasis on anything other than the absolute, GLORY OF GOD!

Here me now, God will fight for you, and bring you into His perfect rest and peace, if, you will fully submit to His Spirit in your life and seek Him alone,and give Him full control over..EVERYTHING!  In my own life, the Lord has had me to lay down certain things that were taking time away from Him!  You see, the best time spent, in this hour we are in is with the Lord.

Beloved, take heart in the midst of all this madness and confusion!  God sits enthroned as King over the flood!  He will take us through! He will be, and is, faithful to His Word! Many of you are physically sick, you live in pain.  With some, it is financial, or problems with family or friends, or perhaps a besetting sin that you hate and want to be free of!   With some, there is an emptiness inside that can only be filled by the love of Jesus.

Some of you are perplexed by those crying out in different places...."Here He is, come here and see Him..."        Please do not "misunderstand."  There are places where God is moving mightily! There are those who are seeking after a true move of God with a pure heart, and desire His presence with all that is within them.  There are places where The Lord is pouring out His power and  His anointing in a mighty way, and many are saved and healed. Many are delivered from demonic bondage. Many are touched by the hand of the Lord in many different ways. But, beloved beware! These gatherings will never glorify the flesh! They will not draw attention to some preacher,or any other person there! They will not place the attention on the manifestations or on the gifts. But there will be a burning desire to love God, and His word even more than ever before!  The people will, by the Holy Spirit, want to give all the attention and the glory to God.

Friends, run to Him right now, go to Him and pour out your heart, God won't bless pride in us! Only when we truly humble ourselves before Him, and lay down our lives as a living sacrifice, on the altar of God's perfect will, (Romans 12:1-2),  for our lives, and make complete surrender to His way, His time, his methods........ Resting in His love and wisdom, and allowing His Holy Spirit to bring us to true repentance, and cry out for a visitation of His Holy presence, only then will we see true revival in the land.

Beloved, this is where God will keep you in the days ahead!  When it all starts coming down and everyone else is in fear and panic!   Now, you will be ready, without fear! Knowing your loving Father will not let you go down!


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