by: Gary R. Kane


Jesus said in (John 6:35) "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me WILL NEVER go HUNGRY, and he who believes in me WILL NEVER be THIRSTY."

After reading this statement spoken by JESUS I thought, why are so many hungry? Why are so many thirsty for the things of God? Jesus clearly said he who COMES to me shall NEVER go hungry or thirsty. But He did clearly speak of COMING!! That's your part and my part to come to Him, to seek His face in prayer, to stay shut in with Him in this final hour of His return to earth and learn the heart of God!

But Satan has a plan as well. That is to lead you to a place of indifference and complacency. To lead your minds astray! To take your walk in a different direction so as to steal your joy, your zeal, and your heart away from God. The apostle Paul said, "BROTHERS DO NOT BE IGNORANT OF THE DEVICES OF THE DEVIL", but all too many of God's people are told today that the devil can't bother them, he can't send demons to do his bidding for him. WHY ALL THE DEMONS ARE OVER IN AFRICA! BELOVED, let me assure you the demons are here as well. They are sent by Satan to breed destruction and havoc in the life of the Christian.

One of the reasons so many are told today from the pulpit to ignore the devil, (instead of being told to RESIST him), is because of all the devil that's allowed in the church. Punk rock haircuts are allowed, ROCK MUSIC, (both secular and so called CHRISTIAN ROCK), CHOREOGRAPHED DANCING IN THE SPIRIT, HOMOSEXUALS ALLOWED IN THE PULPITS or in the CLASSROOMS. To teach the people of God how to be HOLY? CARNAL LEADERSHIP is another reason that most won't preach a pure word for fear it will expose the DEEDS OF DARKNESS IN THE FRONT ROW!

Oh how our Lord must weep for His people to return to Him, to seek His face instead of believing a LIE! If you were to POLL 95% of the people in the church, and ask them why they believe certain doctrines, (E.G.) baptism saves, no spiritual gifts operating today, tongues are of the devil, once saved always saved, and so on. If these questions were asked, 95% of the people today would answer and say, "WELL, THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN TAUGHT" or THAT'S JUST THE WAY US PENTECOSTALS BELIEVE, OR THAT'S JUST THE WAY US BAPTIST BELIEVE," ETC.

Isn't it sad that the majority of the body of Christ have NO scriptural idea of their own. Taught to them by the Holy Spirit of God, made real and alive in their own spirit to why they believe what they believe. In the denomination I started out in, you were pretty much under the impression that if you did not have a SEMINARY DEGREE that you certainly could not hear from God as well as those who had acquired much knowledge!

Don't get me wrong, I thank God for the institutes that teach the Word of God, but let's not forget the greatest teacher is the HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF! We won't learn a thing if we don't spend MUCH time with the Lord in prayer and bible study! Learning to listen to His voice, and following Him (JESUS) to the place of obedience and rest. What does all this have to do with the BREAD OF LIFE Jesus spoke of in John?

Folks, without that intake of Jesus, without standing in His presence and beholding Him, without being CONSUMED with the very life of the Master in us, we will cease to operate in His anointing. Spiritual death will overtake us like a thief in the night! Because of our DISOBEDIENCE and DEFIANCE to HIS WORD, because of the desire to follow MEN instead of FOLLOWING GOD there MUST BE REPENTANCE IN THE HEART, there must be a CLEANSING, A PURIFICATION TAKE PLACE! For those of you who have been bent on following a system rather than following THE SPIRIT of ALMIGHTY GOD, the Lord says, REPENT for the hour is near. There is now a shaking taking place across the land and everything that IS NOT SET UP BY GOD IS GOING TO FALL and GREAT WILL BE THE FALL! The Prophet EZEKIEL declares in (30:1), "WOE (TROUBLE, JUDGMENT) to the OBSTINATE CHILDREN (HOLDING FIRMLY TO THEIR OWN PURPOSE, UNYIELDING, UNTEACHABLE) declares the Lord, "to those who carry out plans that are not mine, (HOLDING TO TRADITIONS, CARNAL TEACHING) forming an alliance, but NOT BY MY SPIRIT, (DOING THE WORK IN THE FLESH) heaping sin upon sin...

He calls this people RAHAB, THE DO-NOTHING PEOPLE (vs. 7). In other words they are going through the motions, it looks like church, BUT IT IS NOT WHAT GOD CALLS CHURCH! HOW THEN do we begin to flow with the Spirit of God? How do we go on from here? In Isaiah 2:22 God says, "STOP TRUSTING IN MAN, who has but a breath in his nostrils..." Friends, God says stop putting your trust and your hope in your denomination, in your structure, in your Charismatic or Baptist, or Methodist, or Pentecostal playhouse! Stop trusting in all your church activities, projects, and busy work! STOP! TAKE IN THE BREAD of LIFE, JESUS! Invite Him in, spend time with Him. The activities in most churches have taken the place of TRUE WORSHIP and PRAISE. They have overshadowed the TRUE CHRIST for a FUN-TIME JESUS full of games, prizes, recreation, and sports activities! GOD SAYS ENOUGH! He says, TURN TO ME, TRUST IN YOUR GOD! Jeremiah 17:7-8 says, "But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream, It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit."

Look what the Lord tells us in Isaiah 30:15 "IN REPENTANCE and REST is your SALVATION, in QUIETNESS and TRUST is your STRENGTH Beloved it all begins with REPENTANCE, from the heart!

Let me share with you a prophecy that God gave me while in North Carolina last week ministering there. I believe it will speak to your heart as well as it did those who received it there. It speaks of the BREAD of HIS PRESENCE! As the Lord gave me this word I was kneeling in prayer, seeking him on a matter of great importance for the body of Christ, and for my own walk as well. I believe this word as simple as it is, will bring healing to some broken hearts who long for the presence of the Lord! Look with me at the word the Lord spoke to my heart while in prayer.


"You shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God! The bread is the tangible, the natural, God doesn't want us to put our focus on what we can touch, see, sense, but rather to focus on Him, on the provision that at the time is unseen. Through faith in His word, faith in Him as our source, trusting in His provision and timing and His way. "I SAY WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT".

We must learn to WALK in the SUPERNATURAL where God is walking, in the spirit by faith which pleases God. But the first step is to LET GO of those things around me which hinder. Learning to walk God's way means not walking by the physical eye, but only by spiritual eyes, seeing as God sees, beholding His presence, standing in His might, willing to let go and forsake all in order that HE MIGHT FILL OUR CUP WITH HIS PERFECT WILL.

If I am to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God that means that His very word brings forth the life that sustains me and that life is Jesus. Therefore, it must be taken in, there must be a diet of the Word by STAYING IN IT, REJOICING IN IT, MEDITATING ON IT. Letting the Spirit of God feed upon it to bring forth an abundance of fruit and in so doing only then can the life of Jesus and His resurrection power be made manifest through me as I obey.

Jesus is the BREAD OF LIFE He said to eat His flesh and drink His blood. Eating His flesh is a PLACE of FELLOWSHIP with him, by taking in his life through us and joining in His sufferings, putting our flesh to death that He may REIGN SUPREME in us. It is a place of  fellowship only through DEATH to SELF. That He might live through us.

Drinking His blood is WALKING IN COVENANT with Him through repentance, STANDING in His PRESENCE continually, by the washing of the water of the word (this is our bread intake) that through obedience to His commands the blood of Jesus would cleanse us from our sin then through this cleansing only then can the darkness be dispelled and the light of His presence shine forth, so His radiance would be seen through us and thus He would be glorified... Only then can we truly claim that we know Him and begin to WALK as JESUS did ......

This is my salvation as I am continually drawn to the throne of grace and as I am drawn near to Him, He gave His word to draw near to me, that I would walk as more than a conqueror in Him and the enemy would be under my feet as they are under the feet of the one in whom I stand. For I stand in Him at the right hand of the Father seated with Him in the heavenlies, far above all principalities and rule and dominion and every name that is named, praise God!!

As I grow more familiar with Him and as I become more like Him and His nature and character is being produced in me, it will change my DESIRES, MY WILL, AND MY WALK. Then I will seek to REMAIN STILL before Him like the subject listens to the voice of the king, receiving my royal directions and commands from the one who is now on the throne of my heart. In the midst of this SILENCE His presence and His voice will become more and more familiar to me as I grow in the knowledge of Him! Then I will know His ways and begin to understand His heart!

Then my desires and will shall become as one with the Master! This will be my place of trust and security in Him, placing my life before Him, forsaking all with the knowledge that He is sovereign and in control of everything. In this MY understanding of the battle must cease, and I must lean fully of the omniscience of God. This will be my strength, this will be my shield, this will be my refuge in time of trouble. only in these things can I stand, because I do not stand on my own, but He upholds me, He becomes my glory, my covering, and in this walk no weapon formed against me or my house shall prosper.     "I PRAY THIS WORD THE LORD SPOKE TO MY HEART WILL BE A TREMENDOUS BLESSING TO YOU!"             Gary R. Kane  "


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