The Lord is showing us some very wonderful things about His heart, and also some very profound things concerning these end times we are in. We really need to be about God's business, and also allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way with us, to be the prepared bride, and remnant people of God, that He will come for.

All the calamities in the earth are pointing to a very speedy return of our Lord. Now with ten's of thousands of people swarming into the Dallas area, and other places as well from Louisiana, crime, jobs, and all sorts of other things have swung out of hand here. Not to mention the price of gas, from just a 'hurricane.' !

This will effect the entire nation as well.  ( this is NOT a slur on the dear people from Louisiana).  Let the reader understand.

As Jesus warned us, "...Things will get worse, then the end will come..."  MANY THINGS ARE WORKING TOGETHER HERE, NOT JUST THE HURRICANE.   There are " winds, " of  force at work in many ways in the earth, all bringing about the coming disasters, and the COMING OF THE LORD AS WELL!   BUT THROUGH IT ALL, BE ENCOURAGED, JESUS WILL TAKE CARE OF HIS PEOPLE !

Folks, this is happening right before our eyes, and the ' worst of the worst,' is on the way fast, not just here, but in every place upon this nation, and earth !

This is just plain truth, not popular in the church, but none the less, Biblical truth. The people receiving the easy gospel, which is no gospel at all, do not even NOW, know how to deal with adversity, and calamity. They have not received a gospel that prepares their hearts to walk, and stand, in such a perilous time as this, much less when it gets ' worse in the months to come.'

While they are playing games, and learning how to "get things for themselves,"  and worrying about their clothes for Sunday, and outward appearance's,  and concerned with sports and entertainment, the world is going to hell, and the church, for the most part, is backslid!

God help us to see that the Government rest upon the shoulders of Jesus Christ, and we as the remnant of God, need not fear "anything," that comes our way, because God is in control, ( in the lives of those who submit to Him),  and He is ' our Government, ruler, and king. '

Whatever the 'earthly government' does, and we pray they will be led by the Lord,  but whatever, good or bad, they may do, it all falls into the overall scheme of things, and we trust in God, and His provision, and His wisdom, and His power, through all the attacks of the forces of hell around us. But pray for our earthly leaders, for their wisdom, and most of all their salvation !     They need our prayers!

These disasters and calamities are all taking place for a reason, and America, is unfortunately, getting weaker, not stronger. The things the Lord has shown me, and some other men of God as well, is such that will terrify the "nominal" church goer, and the lost panic even more, and are now.

But in the midst of it all, beloved in Christ, those who are called by His name, and love and obey His word.

Praise God, that He has NEVER forgotten those who obey Him, and call out day and night upon His Holy name, and walk in His ways. He will cover them with His wings, and be a refuge to them, and surround them with His goodness mercy and love. He will meet all their needs in a dry and weary land, and remove the bitterness, and replace it with the sweetness of Christ Jesus!    Please be encouraged with this!

Let us be this people, and remain diligent, and persevere in difficult times, and though hate be all around us, and the workers of darkness seem to grow in number daily, and those who would mock and scoff the Holy things of God seem to filling the land, let US, who love and obey the Word of God, and hold fast to His commandments, and trust in His holy name, STAND,  and live and move and have our being, in the power of His mighty Spirit.







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