I want to deal with a subject that I believe is greatly overlooked in the church today. A subject it seems, no one wants to talk about, or believe could happen to them, or a loved one. Yet, it is a subject that is in your Bible. The Apostle Paul talks about it, Jesus talks about it, and so should we. There are many today in the body of Christ, that suffer from bitter, afflicted hearts, and anger toward the truth, fear of the truth, fear of certain parts of the bible, and are in a state of perpetual turmoil in their lives.  

This can and does, happen to Countries, Nations, Governments, towns, homes, churches, individuals.   More on some of this in "Part II."

Being Bewitched by Jezebel

Some of these people, have been in bondage for years, and years, counseled time and time again, to no avail. Their lives are shipwrecked, and no amount of tapes, books, sermons, seem to do them any good. There seems to be a constant cloud, hanging over them. A cloud of heaviness. There is no freedom, and some of them always talk about their struggles and bondage.

Some never let on that they are in bondage, they continue to 'pretend holiness,' rather than ever come to the place in Christ, to actually be made holy, by the working of the Spirit of God.

These people, with their speech, or by their life style, give more credit to Satan, to keep them in their bondage, than they do to God, to deliver them from it. This is to say, they refuse to truly believe God to deliver them from their sickness, and their sickness, whether spiritual, or physical, becomes their focus, rather than Christ. Never really believing they will be free, or have communion with God, or true fellowship with God. Some of these people, believe they 'are' having fellowship with the Lord, and that things are as they should be, while all the while, they show the signs and symptoms of one who has been "Bewitched, through religious pride, by the Jezebel spirit."

I want us to take a look at this, and see what the Lord would have us to understand about the invasion of this bewitching Jezebel spirit, that is throwing so many of Gods people into a spiritual death. People held captive, by the law, rather than walking in the peace of God, by grace, through faith. People who are captured, by the ' allurement of religion,' and the many forms it cloaks itself in, and all the while, have no idea of true freedom and liberty in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have been dealing with, and even now, am dealing with those, who are in this condition.  This is what The Holy Ghost has taught me, through many years of prayer, and dealing with this situation, and things that have been in my own life as well, that had to be dealt with.

 Let us look at this from  "Several different facets."

This is a demonic spirit. It has it's roots in Pride. About 4-5 years ago, the revelation the Lord was giving me concerning the spirit of Catholicism in the church of Christ, or what is 'called' the true church of Jesus Christ, his church, his remnant people, has been manifest time and time again before my eyes, and I find myself more and more dealing with this issue in the church, among Gods people. So let us look at how it is progressing, and the fruits, works, and manifestations, of this entrapment, is what you need to know, and how to deal with such a situation, in your life, or the life of another..

Let us begin with a couple of vs. here, for the present, and build upon these.

Galatians 3:1-5 1....You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. 2...I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by observing the law, or by believing what you heard? 3...Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort? 4.....Have you suffered so much for nothing—if it really was for nothing? 5.....Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you because you observe the law, or because you believe what you heard?

The word here for "bewitched," means amazed, enchanted, charmed. It 'also' means from Strongs concordance, to malign, ( speak harmful untruths about), it means to fascinate by 'false representation,' ( to charm, to allure).

Rev. 2: 18-20 18..."To the angel of the church in Thyatira write:
These are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze. 19....I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first. 20....Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.

Now, this "Jezebel" has an assignment, and it is to "God's people." To "mislead God's servants into sexual immorality, AND the eating of food sacrificed unto idols. (see here, I Cor 10: 14-22). 14...Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry. 15..I speak to sensible people; judge for yourselves what I say. 16....Is not the cup of thanksgiving for which we give thanks a participation in the blood of Christ? And is not the bread that we break a participation in the body of Christ? 17..Because there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body, for we all partake of the one loaf. 18..Consider the people of Israel: Do not those who eat the sacrifices participate in the altar? 19....Do I mean then that a sacrifice offered to an idol is anything, or that an idol is anything? 20...No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons. 21....You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord's table and the table of demons. 22...Are we trying to arouse the Lord's jealousy? Are we stronger than he?

Now then, Jezebel, personifies the "bewitching spirit," in Galatians, why? Because she misleads, leads astray from the truth, fascinates by 'false representation,' and maligns, (to speak 'harmful untruths' about). So, whenever pride goes unchecked, un-repented of, we are in danger of the Jezebel, she has an open door to spread her untruthful representation of "her gospel," and "bewitch" the person to believe, he/she, are doing 'something right.'

PLEASE, understand that last statement... This is ONE, OF THE KEYS, to understanding this, and how it works, its fruit, and manifestations, and how to deal with it.

As you know, the passage in I Cor 10: 14-22 above, clearly reveals the double mindedness of those who want to 'throw their legs' under the table of the Lord, and the table of demons two, (the pride-self-worldly-flesh), as well. Again, the Jezebel, bewitching spirit. Remember, Paul ask, "Who has bewitched you?" WHO, not what ! And the fruit of the ones 'bewitched,' was, "trying to obtain their goal by human effort," (effort of self-pride-flesh), and have turned away from the "wisdom of the Holy Spirit," from where they had began.

Now, when pride, especially religious pride, has reigned in the persons heart for a long time, now comes along a "ministry" perhaps as well, and this one teaches, he travels, he does lots of things for God, he is persecuted, (in some form or another), still he serves God, but does not loose the pride. Life moves forward with him, he deals with multitudes of diverse peoples and beliefs. All the time, though he loves the Lord, pride is still allowing a 'leak' in the wall of protection, from the bewitching Jezebel.

Please understand at this point, one 'does not' have to be in a ministry, to form pride, or religious pride in the heart. Pride has many forms, and fruits. Religious pride, always centers around the spiritual. One has this type of pride from the type of Church building they attend, the activities they are involved in, the recognition they receive from their charity's to the ministry or missions. Religious pride is pompous, cold, and ruthless, self seeking, and loves praise from men. We will deal more with this in a moment.

Now in the case of the one who has been bewitched, by the Jezebel spirit, things are gradually getting more and more unclear to him, doubts move in, about himself, and God, and all he has known stares him in the face, and so does all he has heard that is a lie, untruth, perversion, also begins to challenge him, to it's way of thinking as well. Sin is allowed. Some here, some there. little by little, 'sound wisdom,' is discarded for what is 'more convenient,' the easier path, he begins to become a little more perplexed about everything, some anger moves in, pride grows stronger, Jezebel is bewitching with more convincing arguments about eating at "two tables", saying "well sure you Love God, but taste this, try this, feast, and drink here at my well for a time."

On the other side of this. although things have obviously become unclear in the persons life, declared by their fruit and their walk, and relationship with the Lord, this person takes the path of spiritual arrogance, and is more or less unconcerned, about their relationship to the truth of Gods word, for they are making a show outwardly, and pretending holiness, rather than truly being holy, and Christ like. They to, are deceived, and bewitched, by the Jezebel, and taken captive to do the will of the flesh and the devil.

Remember, ONE of the KEYS here. They are being "bewitched" to believe what they are doing is "right," .....Even though they know what they have been taught, and they know the truth of the gospel of Christ, they know what the word says, they still pursue the allurement. It is a spiritual hypnosis !

In some cases, the person 'does not know,' what the word of God really says, for they have sat under a teaching that does not conform them to godliness, and lead them to righteousness, they receive a steady diet of entertainment, or short stories, or dry theology, which adds to their religious pride, and yields fruit for the flesh, and causes them to walk in the law, rather than by grace and faith. But, they still believe they are 'right.'

Let's look at some things for a while, so it will be really clear. Catholicism, is one tremendous example of this bewitching, Jezebel, legalistic, works based spirit, and is based on lies, untruths, disguised to 'look holy outwardly,' and ' feel spiritual,' and give the participant, the sensation of being moved by what they feel, and NOT BY FAITH!

Thus, enter Paul again, Gal 3. "You started right, with the Holy Ghost, but now, you are trying to obtain 'your goal' by human effort." LAW ! " Again, this is the foundation of the Catholics, and "every religion on the planet", other than Christianity !

Let me say here.... "You do not have to be a Catholic, to have this Catholic spirit." This bewitching, Jezebel spirit.

Works, customs, rituals, ceremonies, to obtain their goal. It is a "reverse spirit." It moves people backwards, not forward. It drives them further away from Christ, while all along, "they believe they are moving into a realm of spirituality." This is true of the Moslems, Catholics, Buddhist, and every non Christian form of religion, sadly, it is, and has been, flooding God's people for a long time, in His Church. This is why we are dealing with this subject in the most direct way possible, so we can see the truth, and be delivered.

Now, we have been warned from the old testament, to the end of Revelation; not to add to, or take away from, the word of God. We have seen the results of the devastation, that came, and comes, upon those who eat from two tables, and drink from two cups. (you see this does not have to be sexual in content, it is still 'idolatry,' plain and simple), in fact, it is spiritual immorality, (see again, Rev. 2: 18-20,) because it is putting one's heart in bed with a harlot, (the Jezebel bewitching spirit of the works of the law, and the love of the flesh), and becoming one with her. Again, the Jezebel, bewitching, spirit.

Those who have had dealings with others, who are of false religions, or who themselves, have been participants in such a way, and have left the pride in their lives unchecked, or for a moment, pondered the possibility of such a false religion to be valid, or even those who in the church today say ..."We are all brothers, and we all love the same God, and should all pray together, and respect one another's faith and belief...." These people as well, will find that Satan has been 'allowed' to allure, and bewitch them, because some where along their journey, they have pondered the precepts of another pathway. "Could it just be?" She whispers! Now, before you say, 'I have never been a part of such a false group, I could not have possibly received such a spirit as this.' Let me say to you, that any time one sits under teaching that is not sound, and does not lead you into righteousness, but leads you into a atmosphere of levity, or projects, or sports in the church, or works, customs, traditions, legalism, the focus on men, or leaders, or anything, other than Christ Jesus, and him alone, or any one of a multitude of other things that can be focused on, 'rather than' the fullness of Jesus Christ. Any time you sit under a teacher, or teaching that does not challenge you to examine your heart, and draw near to God, and bring strong conviction, and godly sorrow, which leads to true repentance. Anytime the teaching you receive, is what Paul called in I Timothy 4: 1-2, a doctrine of demons, 1...The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2....Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. Anytime one has embraced this type of activity, and teaching as from God, they are a candidate for the bewitching Jezebel spirit !

Following 'deceiving spirits,' (the bewitchment from Jezebel), and things taught by demons.... Notice where these teachings come from. Men, hypocritical liars, with a seared conscience. Men, who are in the pulpit for self gain. Men who teach for recognition. Men who proclaim to be from God, yet turn the Church into a playground, a social club. Men, who preach for money, and are terrified they might offend someone who is in sin, with the word of God. Men, who build kingdoms for themselves, but are not truly concerned about God's kingdom. Men, who themselves have no true understanding of the things of God, who spend their time in leisure, and pleasure, and making a name for themselves. Men, who are misguided in their understanding of the things of God, and move the congregation into works, and ceremonies, and rules, and legalism, and law. Men, who will not deal with their pride ! This too, bewitches the those who follow. Paul said, "Who, has bewitched you" ?

Another device of the bewitching Jezebel is to declare, " this will be a far more 'holy' path," she says. This type of pride, has grown into a spirit I have had to deal with in 'many people,' and is the NEXT step, into the web of the Jezebel's 'bewitchment.' The spirit of "superiority." What a very deceiving thing this one is, as they all are, but this one is really tricky. She tells you, "how you deserve better than this, this is not good enough for you, you should not be treated this way, you are a very fine believer, and should have a greater recognition, you can be more holy, your holiness will be so very noticed by all." (mind of religion). Then, when a mistake is made, a sin is committed, a failure of some sort has come, she comes and says, "You are so very horrible, your not close to God, no true Christian would ever act this way, you deserve nothing, you cannot be holy, you will never amount to a thing, how can you ever be like others that are so very far ahead of you?"

Now, one begins to strive, and work, and perform, and seek approval, and flesh leads them to do things, to make them 'feel holy' once again. To feel accepted by God once again, read more, pray more, preach more, do more good deeds, cry a little louder, do things that 'look and sound holy!' After some of these have been done, the Jezebel, once again, uses "bewitchment," and sends the spirit of false representation, and 'charms,' and fascinates, the person to enter into a false peace, and believe they are now, once again, "better than the others," higher up, more holy, deserve better. This will continue, until the next mistake, or sin, or failure occurs, and then the cycle starts again... Again, this is the fruit of religion.

The person is now trapped, snared, caught up by the lies of Jezebel, and the spiritual hypnosis, of the bewitching spirit that has led them away from true believing faith in the Word of God, and caused them to seek a 'spiritual summit' from works, and vain imaginations, and the feelings, good or bad, that come with it. Then they respond accordingly, if the superiority spirit is convincing them they are "doing right," then they are 'on the high' she produces for them there. If through there vain attempts to walk with Christ through religion, and not by faith in the word, and spirit of God, but by works, they again fail, and fail they will, she has convinced them now to feel low, and work harder to get back again. This continues, and get worse and the person never truly understands why they are the way they are. Only the truth of God's Holy Word, brought 'once again' into their hearts by the light of the Holy Spirit, can deliver them from this enchantment, this unholy fascination, that Jezebel has bewitched them with, and led them astray. These things take place from "pulpit to pew."

This person will get to the place, they are angry 'at times,' when they hear the truth of God's holy Word. They will stay away from certain passages of scripture, that deal with their particular situation, for fear, again I say, for "fear," of the great Holy light of God's piercing truth to their heart, because they have known the truth, and at on time, walked full in it, and slowly started the 'backward walk.' Ironically, sometimes, these same people, will seem to almost ' lust after the truth' you share with them, but, the catch is, they will not walk in it. Their heart is captured, and ' fascinated,' by something else, no matter how much they agree with you! More and more, darkness becomes their light, what pleased the flesh, became their pleasure, and they become a 'law unto themselves,' still for a time, knowing the truth, but denying the power of it.

The power of the lies, that have now flooded them, have become for them their gospel, what they follow, and although they read their bibles, and sing Christian hymns, and songs, and pray, and go to a church service, they are a law unto themselves, doing what they want to do, and thinking it is making them 'holy unto the Lord.' That is, their doing what "is right," (they think). They may sit under godly counsel, they may even come to the place to say, "yes I know that to be true, but"! But, they have been allured, charmed, amazed, fascinated, by some teaching, idea, belief, or thought from the Jezebel, to their already flesh seeking carnal heart, and now the truth to them, are the lies they have received from the bewitching Jezebel spirit, and they will not listen to the truth, or love the truth that 'God' has given them. Not really listen, not really respond, not with the heart. You see, the fact that they even sought council at all, shows that they are 'seeking to hear something.' And although they 'know,' that a certain sin in their life is evil and not the will of God, they will not part with it. I tell you though, There is hope here! You have got to believe God's word, and trust him by faith, and believe once again in the cross of Jesus Christ! That place of humility, that place of death to self, and death to the allurement to be noticed, the fascination of religion, rather than the focus on Jesus Christ alone!

Now, whether all this came from a misguided teacher, preacher, counselor, or friend, or book, it was accepted, because their heart was turned toward the carnal, rather than the pure. Jezebel, has deceived them. They have been bewitched, by a ' form' of godliness, religion has offered to them. Holiness, to them, is gained and lost through works of the flesh, rather than by faith. There is a spiritual place they seek, but it is not by coming God's way. Just like the Jehovah Witness cult, the Mormon cult, the Catholic system, and many other systems, that offer something to allure, but not to cleanse, and sanctify the heart through faith in Jesus Christ alone, even though some people and places profess that Christ is the only way, and you are saved by grace through faith, and call themselves ' Evangelical,' some of these, still lead people, once they join, into works and traditions, and ceremonies, and 'outward appearance,' to 'look holy,' rather than walk in true purity of heart, and be holy unto the Lord by faith.

How do we help these people who have fallen so far from their first love? What can we say or do? How do we get them to listen to us, and once again be in line with God's word? I should tell you first, how "not to do it." If this is not caught in the beginning stages, when the one still has the heart to listen, and receive conviction, and have godly sorrow, that leads them to repentance, when they are still in the desperate mode, and 'know' they need help, and they are seeking to be free from what has captured their heart, and turned them into religious zombies that seek to obtain their goal through the flesh, and works, and law. If it is not dealt with at this point, and it festers, to the point of anger at the truth, and anger toward those who bring it, and avoidance of those who live it, and love the Lord with all their hearts. When they think spending time talking about the righteousness of God, and the things of the word of God, should be avoided with those that are pure in heart, or on the other side of that, they will speak of the things of God alright, perhaps teach it or preach it, or have some place of prominence, or leadership in the church, or high social standing in the community, but it is to prove their righteousness, or to allow the ego and pride to been seen of men, and seek the approval of men, and thus, their motives are impure. This is a place where nothing at all can be done 'right now.'

'That is to say,' no amount of sound preaching, no amount of council, no amount of scolding, no amount of persuasion is working...... That is because this must be first bathed in intersession prayer. Strong prayer of faith, believing God to allow their ears to once again hear, and their eyes, once again to see, and their heart once again to become flesh, that the Holy Spirit can sow the seed of truth into their hearts.

The Jezebel must be brought down, and the bewitching spirit overthrown, torn down, and destroyed by the prayer of faith, by warfare prayer, from saints on their knees that know how to reach the throne room of God, and how to get his ear once there. Prayer that rocks hell, and sends demons running, and begins to so shake the heart and soul of the one who is in bondage, that they now "know" they are needy, they "know" they are walking backward, they "know" they have fallen from their first love, and been over taken by the lies of the bewitching Jezebel. Prayer, fervent, sincere, prayer by faith, and believing God for the miracle in their lives to once again, open their ears to the truth, and their heart to the light of the dealings of the holy Spirit. Prayer that smashes down strongholds, and tears down all speculations, and every proud and lofty thing that exalts itself against the true word of God. I tell you this kind of prayer, and faith, will move mountains, and you can believe God, and have faith in God, and whatever you ask for in your prayers will be done for you, and you shall then have what you say.... !

Then, now, only now, can you go at the appointed time God declares for you to go, and speak the word of truth to this dear person, and God's word will cut like a double edge sword, and the anointing of the Lord has gone before you through your travail, and has prepared the way for the visitation of the Lord into the life of this person, and the Jezebel will cringe under the truth you speak, and the power of God will destroy all the lies of Satan, and the conviction of the Holy Ghost will blow away all the work of Jezebel, and the charming, alluring, lying fascination with the religious works of the carnal flesh will melt like wax in their hearts, then you can speak the words of freedom and deliverance, and victory will come! Praise the mighty name of Jesus, they will listen when you have so allowed the Spirit of God to move in their heart through your sincere intersession, because this is the place where you are out of the way, and trusting God to be God, and show forth his mighty power, and prepare them, and you, to come face to face, in the midst of the miraculous delivering hand of God.

I want to encourage you, that if this one 'can be approached,' and if they 'will listen', and if they will respond, and if the word of God, will move them, and convict them, and they will allow the light to shine on the dark areas of their life, if they will allow their spiritual skirts to be lifted, and their nakedness, their need for God, their sin, and helplessness to be exposed, then by all means go, by faith, speak the word of God into their lives, bring forth prayer, and truth, and if need be, drive the evil spirit out of them.

But once again, those whom you have tried this with time and time again, 'to no avail.' Those who refuse to heed the warnings of God, the prophecy's that God gives them, the light the Holy Spirit brings. Those who find any and every excuse, and reason, and escape, and will not heed what God has sent you to say, they will grow harder, the more you share, the more you preach, the more you council, they become like an owl, "the more you shine the light on them, the less they see!" Until first intersession, and warfare prayer by faith, is applied, and trust in God on your part, and believing God on your part, for the one who is under the spell, (and that is what it is), of the Jezebel, bewitching, religious spirit is applied, until you get out of "your flesh," and you trust God, by faith, in intersession, you will not succeed.

But once you have reached God on their behalf, and you are in faith, and peace, no longer 'trying' to persuade them, but allowing God to do it through you, what you say will come to pass in their life, God will move the mountains, as by faith you speak to them, fresh from the presence of God, and they sick person shall be made well! I say again, this kind of prayer, and faith, will move mountains, and you can believe God, and have faith in God, and whatever you ask for in your prayers will be done for you, and you shall then have what you say.... !


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