by:   GARY R. KANE

Are we really seeking the Lord, for His presence in our midst, to know Him, and be guided by His Spirit, with His direction for us?   We do not want to be a stagnant people, but a people DEVOTED to communion with, and in, the Lord Jesus.  

We should not be some 'elite group,' or the us four and no more mind set people, not at all. Yet we do understand that this is the last minute before midnight, and that God is truly looking for a people being made ready as the bride of Christ, a remnant, that He calls His own.

Our desire as individuals, is to 'know Him better,' and to love, obey, worship, and serve Him. Our desire in our gatherings is the same, and we seek to understand, and walk in true fellowship with God, and function as a true body of believers. We are spending some time in the Word concerning 'relationship' with God, and the dealings of the Holy Spirit. Acts chapter 2: 42-47, has become a "Major" inspiration in our gatherings, and as we have gained more insight into what the Lord is saying here, we have indeed seen miracles among us in the gatherings.

This is not to "camp out," on a portion of scripture, by 'no means', but it is a 'portion of scripture', that is very over looked in the Church, and quite frankly I have never seen it in operation but once in all my ministry. It is SIMPLY a portion of scripture, that leads us to TRUE, GENUINE, 'DEVOTION,' to the Lord, and to His Word, to communion, and prayer with HIM, in the gatherings, giving ALL glory to the Lord, and what DOES FOLLOW that MOTIVE, is the POWER of God in the midst of the people, and out through the people, for service, with the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which has now been STIRRED, from the heart/s being bonded to Christ in TRUE DEVOTION,'

This leads to hearts that are 'no longer tied' to this world, and the things in it. Unselfish hearts, giving hearts, hearts free from idolatry, and wantonness, free from carnalities, and material and spiritual lusts, free from self-attention, which all come from PRIDE.

This in turn, leads to a genuine, and sincere relationship with 'one another' as well, as the passage shows us in Acts. A people who have been DEVOTED in their communion with God, and DEVOTED to the giving of themselves, counting 'all things as loss,' and sharing with each other in a pure relationship, the fellowship of the Lord.

This is truly a passage of scripture, we need to have revelation in, and put to practice, along with, ALL the Word of God, that we have learned.

My heart was broke this weekend, as I received in the mail, a flier from a Church in the Metro-plex, that I thought was probably about the 'only Church' around here left, that was preaching a 'Pure Word.' But in their invitation to Easter Sunday, there was a big ad for the children to come and join in on the ' Easter Egg Hunt'.

We have fallen away from the REAL DEVOTION TO CHRIST, and replaced that with substitutes, and fun, games, and Easter bunny's, and anything else, that will, 'KEEP THE FLESH COMFORTABLE,' anything that will 'LET THE FLESH HAVE IT'S WAY,' That is the Church today, "for the most part."

So, if we stand, it will be by FAITH, and the working of the Grace of God, by His Spirit in us, and causing our hearts to hunger and thirst after Him, and Him alone, with GENUINE DEVOTION TO CHRIST.

Soon, perhaps toward the end of this year, we hope to make the gatherings available more and more during the week, and not just once or twice. I would like to see folks coming in and out with prayer offered unto the Lord, and with a word, a song, a desire to spend some time with each other in the Word of God, and that "I WOULD FADE IN THE SHADOWS," and see the working of the Lord in and through the lives of the people, as they see that NO MAN, is their source, ONLY JESUS!

They can, and should, do the works of Christ themselves, and have lives completely DEVOTED to Christ, without a man having to persuade them, (in the sense of begging, and the use of fleshly gimmicks). All persuasion, should come from the Spirit of God 'within them.' God does the 'illuminating', and gives the 'revelation,' and then gives the 'inspiration,' to carry out the revelation given.


REVELATION 2: 1) "To the angel of the church in Ephesus, write: These are the words of Him who holds the seven stars in His right hand and walks among the seven golden lamp stands:

Beloved, here we clearly see that Jesus, "walks," among His Church, and, "oversees it." And remember, God's purpose, is never that men be glorified! But Jesus gets all the Glory!

God's purposes are so infinite, so much different than ours. Yet, He wants to make His will known to us, so He can have a people to Himself! A people who seek Him , and know His heart, and hunger for Him alone! This is why, "He is still leading His church." He wants to prepare her to be the bride "He desires" for His soon return. Did you get that last part? The bride that, HE desires!

You see, it is not what "our" idea of holiness is, it is not "our" idea of what our "gatherings" should be, or look like! But, He wants us to understand His ways with us, and in us, by the revelation of His Spirit in us, we must seek to know, and be sensitive to, the workings, and direction His Spirit is leading us, for each and every gathering! We must not make the mistake so many are making today, and think, well, this is the way God moved today in our service, so we must expect that each time. After all, that was a wonderful experience, and we certainly want more of that in our midst!

This is certainly all well and good, (that is, to want the presence of God, and His workings in our gatherings), But we must take heed, that we do not try in our own energy, to create and duplicate, that, "visitation," because, the Holy Spirit may have in mind a "different method," a different "kind" of visitation, in His ministry to us next time we gather! And if we are still, "hung over," on what He has done before, and try to recreate that same situation, we will most certainly "MISS" His will for us in His dealings, and the intended pathway He wants us to take. (which is simply to let Him lead each time, "as He wills.") Beloved, God is moving, and He is saying to us who have an ear to hear, what He has been saying to His people from the beginning! FOLLOW ME!

So, you see, God has His plans, His methods, His timing. But, we've stepped in and messed up most of them, with our own religious plans derived from our own pride. Our own agendas and selfish ambitions, to "look good," have gotten in the way of what God really has for us!

So, God has different ideas, and we need to know them, and get in line with them, and allow Him to prepare us to be a people,"empty of self," and filled with the" illumination," of what the Holy Spirit wants us to be, and come to the place, that we can learn to wait on Him, and let Him have "FULL CONTROL" in our lives, and in our corporate gatherings, so the blessings of heaven can be poured upon us with His anointing, and not our own "mixture," which will not produce true life in the body!

Beloved, Jesus is truly walking among us, He's moving in our midst, revealing Himself, and His ways to those who will obey, and catch the "vision," and go His way. Again, He wants to make us a "prepared" bride, a people strong in the faith of Jesus Christ, ready for the days that are soon coming upon us!

Malachi 3:1-3), Tells us we are being "refined," "tested," "perfected," as a people being "made ready," for His coming! This too, must take place in our "gatherings," or we've missed the very point of the "refinement" to bring true purity to His bride. (I Peter 1:6-9), will help you to understand, that, when you ask for the "baptism of the Holy Spirit; It was a baptism of Holy Fire! Not just something you could walk away from and say, "oh now I can speak with tongues!"

I Peter 4:16; Tells us of His purifying judgment. It is designed by God to "cleanse," and to "convict." This is the third stage of having true revival!

The first stage, is to individually, and corporately want it! To hunger and thirst for God! The second stage, , is to live in prayer-staying in the "tent of meeting," before the Lord! The third stage, is to allow "anointed preaching and teaching," to prepare your heart by the Holy Spirit to bring, conviction, contrition, true brokenness, confession, and true repentance!

Beloved, the church can "live," in this state of true revival until Jesus comes! Praise God. It does not have to be for one Sunday, or for one week, or month, or one year! WE CAN LIVE IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD CONTINUALLY, AND ENJOY CONTINUAL REVIVAL IN OUR HEARTS, AND IN OUR GATHERINGS! WE CAN HAVE LOVELY AND POWERFUL VISITATIONS FROM THE LORD, AS LONG AS WE ALLOW "HIM" TO BE IN CONTROL, AS HE WALKS AMONG HIS GOLDEN LAMP STANDS!

It's ALL JESUS. We just need to 'LEARN HOW TO GET IN ON IT.'




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