It is becoming more and more evident everyday, that we are in the last days, and the soon return of Christ is at hand.  I talk with so many people who are broken over the things in the Churches they attend, to the point they have had to leave, and ask me, "Brother Gary, where do we go" ?   My answer is the same it has been for years.... "Stay in fervent prayer, and in the Word of God, and your deep hunger for the 'truth', will be used by the Holy Spirit to lead you to a gathering where God is 'truly' there, and not the mixture of flesh and worldly amusements."
If you are in a place where the pulpit and the pews are laced with light hearted jokes, stories, and entertainment, mixed in with the promise of a fun time, and plenty of activities, sports, and things to do, then you are not in what God calls the 'true gathering' of the body of Jesus Christ.  You won't find any of these ' tactics,' used by the early Church, to bring people to Christ, or to bring heaven down in the meetings, where true miracles are witnessed, and the awesome presence of God fills the atmosphere! 
They simply preached the Word of God, in power, and with sincere hearts, filled with the Holy Spirit.
In the true gatherings of the body of Christ, you will hear the message of the Holy Spirit in a way that will pierce your heart, and challenge you, and there will be a sense of accountability, among the fellowship, and there will be hunger and thirst, not for worldly pleasure, no matter how innocent, but there will be a crying out for more of Jesus, there will be a humility, and sincere desire for the Word of God, and for God to come like a consuming fire, and burn up all the flesh and sin that have taken root in the heart, it will be a praying church, a very praying church..  Winning the lost to Christ won't just be something you drop a few dollars in plate for someone somewhere else to do, on the contrary, it will be part of your everyday conversation!  For you are called as ambassadors of Christ.   You do not have to set programs on the golf course to do this, or in the playing field.  So many do this to keep their amusements, all in the name of 'saving souls.'  
Where are those who simply go out into the homes of the men who do not come to the fellowship, yet their wives have a heart for God, and come to pray and seek the truth for their own life, as well as for their family. They do not have to be dragged to the sports arena to be won to Christ!  They simply need to be saturated in fervent prayer, and then have the truth of Gods Word presented to them, without fear of offending the flesh.  If all your doing is setting in the pews each week, you need to check your own heart.  If your idea of evangelism is 'centered around fun activities',  so you don't have to get down in the dirt, and go to the nasty unloving places where a good deal of the lost, need to be found, then something is wrong with your idea of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
There will also be a genuine peace, and a mighty power, of the working of the Holy Spirit. There 'will not' be the desire of men to bring upon themselves so called titles, and draw attention to their ministry.  The house will be in order, Gods order of things, because he cannot work outside of His order in the gathering of His saints.  I'm not speaking here of "tradition," oh my goodness, there is plenty of that to go around.   When I say 'order of things,' I mean that which we are told in the Word to be like minded, in one heart, one mind, one accord, all seeking to come together for one purpose, and that is to glorify God.  To glorify Him, by our obedience to His Word, to glorify him by faith, to glorify Him by our desire to be like Jesus, not on our own fleshly terms, but on God's terms, according to His Word, seeking to praise Him and allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in our hearts, lives, and gatherings. Not becoming a law unto ourselves, by seeking to make the gatherings comfortable for our flesh, and fun and entertaining, but seeking the will of God, seeking to know Him better, seeking Him in prayer, and with a sincere heart and pure motives. Not bringing our agendas, but only that which lifts up Jesus Christ, and brings men unto Him.  There will be preaching concerning repentance, and the judgment of God, as well as His love and mercy, not a one sided gospel.
Beloved, many are deceived into thinking they are in the way of God, in this place and that, simply because some "voice," told them to go there, or a well meaning friend or relative.  A good deal of the time one searches out a fellowship based on 'his own fleshly desires', and what will please the flesh.  Many go for all the programs offered, and the activities, and the entertaining time they will have, instead seeking a place that will preach the Word of God in such a way as to cut like a double edge sword, and bring conviction, that will lead to godly sorrow, which leads to true repentance.
I pray this word, and the "LINK"  below, will help you, and bring some light upon some things for you. I pray that you will do as John has told us, and "Test the spirits to see if they are from God....."    Sweet talk, a smile, and a welcome one and all handshake, do not necessarily denote the true fellowship of Jesus Christ.  Also, weigh "your" reasons, and motives, 'why' you go where you do. Then compare this to the Word of God, and see what the Holy Spirit has to speak to your heart.  If you are in such a fun house, run.  The Bible is clear that this will be the norm in the last days, and that men will follow what their itching ears want to hear, rather than the truth!
Continue to pray beloved, and seek the Lord for direction to a place that is completely His, not perfect, I did not say that, but they are as Paul said, heading towards perfection in Christ. They are seeking only to know him, and coming with a passion for Jesus, and His Word, and loving the Word and prayer.   He will lead your hungry heart,  if it is hungry for HIM alone. 
This link is a more complete message, in relation to this short note above.


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