by Gary R. Kane









Pastoral and Ministerial Experience:



Attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary:  Ft. Worth, Texas 1984.

Left by the Lords direction for a ministry he had called me to at the time.

 Licensed at Sharon Southern Baptist Church:  Oklahoma 1982.

Ordained: New Life Ministry Church 1989.

Pastored Cheyenne Valley Baptist Church. Oklahoma.

Pastored Orion Baptist Church. Oklahoma.

Preached and worked closely with Pastor at Crown Heights Baptist Church. Oklahoma.

Preached and worked closely with Pastor at Elm Street Baptist Church. Oklahoma.

Preached for several years as guest speaker in Churches over several states.

Started Churches and fellowships in Oklahoma and Texas.

Preached Bible seminars all over the country to troubled and struggling Churches.

Co-Pastored New Life fellowship Church. Oklahoma.

Founder and president of New Life Ministry and Evangelistic Outreach and teaching ministry. Oklahoma.

Preached and worked with Pastor David Wilkerson in the streets of N.Y.C.

Preached at Time Square Church “Upper Room,” Evangelistic Outreach in N.Y.C.

Pastored Brother David Wilkerson’s Church in Van, Texas, after he had gone back to N.Y.C.

Pioneered and Pastored street ministry Church in Dallas, Texas, with the help of several other Pastors.

Chaplain for Dallas County Sherriff’s department for 14 years, Preaching and counseling, while still continuing to pastor in Dallas.

Preached Video Production films for Arohra Productions, Plano, Texas. 

Teaching theology to students in foreign bible college.

Preached men’s conference’s for Pastor Dudley Hall, in affiliation with James Robinson evangelistic association. Dallas.

Trained men and women for street and prison ministry. Dallas.

Preached to youth groups on the dangers of rock and roll music, and the occult. Oklahoma.

Preached Bible seminars all over the country, dealing with repentance, and spiritual growth, and spiritual warfare.

Radio ministry for one year.

Teaching Emphasis on verse by verse bible study to Church groups. Oklahoma and Texas.

Ministered to wounded and hurting Pastors and leaders in several places. Texas and Oklahoma.








It is not my intension or desire to be “formal,” from this point forward. I do not really feel led to share my “testimony,” at this point with you in detail as it is rather lengthy.

 My purpose for you, who are reading this resume, is to simply share my heart.

When God first called me to the ministry, I came ‘all the way.’ To me it was not a job, but a true calling from the God of all creation, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is how it should be with anyone in the ministry. 

 My heart for Christ’s Church is to see her conformed into the “image of the Son of God….”   To preach and teach the holiness and purity of the heart of God, that we too, would walk in his likeness, and all by his precious grace given us. That his Church would bear much fruit,  and walk in a true love relationship with Christ and with one another. That we would love others, as Christ has loved us, his body, his called out ones, and also to see those still in bondage through his eyes and heart, and reach out to them, so that by Christ spirit, working through us, they might come out of darkness and into the light of Jesus Christ.







Having become associated with Pastor Kane through Shepherds Fellowship Church in Oklahoma City, I can say that beyond a doubt, Brother Gary Is a man called of God to preach the gospel!  I have witnessed the call of God upon his life and seen the evidence of the sweet and genuine spirit that God has developed in him. Gary is a skillful minister of the word of God and is sensitive to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Whether he preaches one meeting or a series of meetings for you, he will be a tremendous blessing to your congregation.


Pastor Steve Teel Kings Church

Kingwood, Texas


I have known Gary Kane these past months since I have been in Oklahoma. He has assisted me in Pastoring and he has proven himself a dedicated servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. His preaching confirms his extreme love for the Lord.  While the Church is suffering a tremendous onslaught of Satan and too many strange voices are being heard, it is comforting to hear a preacher proclaiming the uncompromising truth of God’s Word.

 Rev. J. A. “Bertie” Greeff

Capetown. South Africa


I have been acquainted with Brother Gary Kane’s ministry for some time now. I find that he leads a victorious overcoming life.  He is a very good preacher and teacher and is devoted to the study of God’s Word and prayer.


R.L. Osborne


Dewitt, Texas




Gary Kane is a God fearing man. He speaks the truth of God’s Word as it is revealed to him, and when it is revealed to him. Gary is a man that speaks the Word of God and does not fear what men think about it. Gary preaches and teaches the whole counsel of God. God has given Gary the gift of teaching and preaching and he does it well. It is my privilege to say that I know Gary, and he has spoken the word of God over me, and prayed for me on several occasions.  I truly believe Gary is an anointed man of God.

David Devereaux

Director BFAM Ministries.



 I’ve known Gary Kane for a long time as my Pastor, mentor, and friend.  I have personally been involved in Evangelistic Outreach and preaching ministries in the streets and jails and to incarcerated youth.   I can tell you that Gary’s integrity is beyond reproach. His preaching is rock solid. He is gifted to teach and expound on the Word of God with true anointing and grace. Gary is a man who loves God and loves people, truly called by God; he has a real heart for the sheep and would be a great blessing to your Church.


Brother John E. Redig





Contact Information:


We are open to pastor a Church, or fill in as pulpit supply, or preach word seminars, or conferences. However the Lord would lead us, and those seeking the ministry needed in their Church or lives. I just want Christ glorified in whatever ministry is done, and in my walk with him most of all.

 Please let us hear from you as the Lord leads.

 In Christ’s Love.

 Pastor Gary R. Kane

P.O. box 453111

Garland, Texas 75044









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