"Prophecy Given Through Prayer"

BY: Gary R. Kane

This is a prophetic word the Lord gave me while in prayer. I felt I was to share it with everyone, and not just the fellowship I was ministering to the night I received this prophecy.

God bless you as you read this word from the Lord.

Gary R. Kane


"You shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." !     The bread is the tangible, the natural. God does not want us to place our focus on what we can touch, see, sense, but rather to focus on Him, on the provision that at the time is unseen. Through faith in His Word, faith in Him as our source, trusting in His provision, His timing, His way. "I SAY WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT."

We must learn to walk in the SUPERNATURAL where God is walking, in the Spirit by faith, which pleases God. Therefore the first step is to let go of those things around me which hinder.  Learning to walk God's way means not walking by the physical eye, but only buy spiritual eyes, seeing as God sees, beholding His presence, standing in His might, willing to submit, and let go, and forsake all, in order that HE MIGHT FILL OUR CUP WITH HIS PERFECT WILL.
If I am to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, that means that His very word brings forth the life that sustains me, and that life is Jesus.  Therefore, His word must be consistently taken in. There must be a steady diet of His Word by STAYING IN IT, REJOICING IN IT, AND MEDITATING UPON IT, AND OBEYING IT.  Allowing my spirit to feed upon it, and bring forth an abundance of fruit, and in so doing, only then can the life of Jesus and His resurrection power be made manifest through me as I obey.
Jesus is the BREAD of life. He said to eat His flesh and drink His blood.   Eating his flesh is a place of FELLOWSHIP with Him, by taking in His life through us in the Word and prayer, and joining in His sufferings, putting our flesh to death, that He might reign supreme in us. It is a place of fellowship with Christ only through DEATH TO SELF, that He might now, live through us.
Drinking His blood is WALKING IN COVENANT with Him through repentance, standing in His presence continually, by the washing of the water of the Word, (this is our bread intake), that through obedience to His commands the blood of Jesus will wash us from our sin.....  Then through this "cleansing", only then can the darkness be dispelled, and the light of His presence shine forth, so His radiance would be seen through us, and thus He will be glorified.  Only then can we truly claim that we know Him and begin to WALK as Jesus walked.
This is my salvation, as I am continually drawn to the cross, to the throne room of God, to the throne of love, mercy and grace, and as I draw near to Him, I have His promise He will draw near to me, so that I will walk as MORE than a conquer in Him, and the enemy of my soul, would be under my feet, as he is under the feet of him in whom I stand by faith.  For I stand with Him at the right hand of the Father, seated with Him in the Heavenlies, far above all principalities, and powers, and rule, and every named that is named. The Name of Jesus is above every name that can be named !  Praise God for evermore.
As I become more familiar with the heart of God, and grow more like Him and His nature and His character is being produced in me, He will change my desires, my will,  and my walk, to be in line with His will and desires.  Then I will seek to remain still before Him, as the subject listens to the voice of the King, receiving my royal commands from the one who is now on the throne of my heart. 
Then my desires and will, shall become one with the Master, Jesus.  This will be my place of trust and security in Him, forsaking all else, with the knowledge that He is sovereign and in control of everything.  In this my understanding of the battle must cease, and I must lean full on the omniscience of God, and rely fully upon His love for me.  This will be my strength, as I rely upon  His love, and enter into His joy, to be made complete in me.  This will be my shield, this will be my refuge in times of trouble.  I can only stand in these things, because I know I do not stand alone, I do no longer stand on my own, but Christ upholds me. He becomes my glory, my covering, and in this walk no weapon formed against me and my house shall ever prosper.   AMEN !



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