"Confessions of a Proud Church"

By:   Francis Frangipane



"The greatest danger facing the Church today is exhaustion -
because God is resisting us as a proud Church."

In September, 1998, 120 leaders of the Church in America gathered in an "upper room" for 3 days of prayer, fasting, and repentance. This was perhaps an historic event, at least for our generation, as Mission America director, Dr. Paul Cedar called for a focus of repentance, not by the nation, but repentance of the Church. The following confessions of leaders were hand-recorded.

We live on the edge of image.  We are full of presumption.  We exalt our group and personal doctrines.  We are self-sufficient.  We are unwilling to pray.  We are too proud to truly ask for help.  We have a critical spirit.  We have leaders who disdain the people.  We do Kingdom business by the world’s standards.  We do not tremble at the Word of the Lord.  We are full of hypocrisy.  We have dethroned Jesus and enthroned ourselves.  We are full of deceit - lying to ourselves and to God.  We are trapped in SELF consciousness.  We are ensnared by the love of money.  We have gone to bed with the world.  We promote personalities rather than principles.  We think we can do Kingdom business apart from the King. We do not know how to humble ourselves.  We are full of excuses - refuse to take responsibility.  We are competitive with one another.  We are carnal in our leadership.  We have a controlling spirit.  We are self-seeking.  We deny the Lordship of Christ.  We purport to repent without repenting, giving God’s spiritualese.  We do not have the fear of the Lord.  We do not trust God’s grace or mercy.  We have confused obedience and grace.  We are building our own houses.  We are adulterers and fornicators.  We have refused to preach and teach the whole TRUTH.  We have sought to curry favor with the people more than to please God.  We have exchanged righteousness for SELF righteousness.  We have evangelized but have not discipled.


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