"A Word from the Lord"

Gary Kane 10-11-2016









Some will be saved in these last days, yes, but without the Church of Jesus Christ stepping up "and out," in the power of God, and fighting evil with the power of the holy spirit and the truth, there will be no deliverance, and no change. God has pulled back his hands a very wide stretch from the USA, and there will be calamity and war within it, and chaos like no one could never imagine. Churches of Satan will start springing up, more and more wide spread satanic groups, civil wars between different races of peoples and tremendous hatred. The government in Washington, and even local governments,  will grow more powerful toward evil and greed, and more and more divided against each other. The factions among them will bring disastrous decisions and turmoil for the people in this nation and other countries as well.  Murder and crimes of all kinds will escalate to unbelievable proportions, and most that 'call themselves' Christians will fear men even worse than they do now. A small, very small, number of 'true Christians', will stand up to the evil and the adversaries of God and his truth. Again, some will be saved and come to Christ and make him Lord. This is Godís work and desire, not bigger better buildings to be worshiped , not superstars to look up to as role models and examples, not hiding every Sunday in a Church house like taking refuge in a bunker !  No !  But going out to face the giants ! Going out to say Jesus is Lord , get in the ark (Jesus) while you can, time is very very short.  It is a very narrow way, but it is MY WAY, the only way !  Live for Christ.  Love my Word, and follow me as a wise virgin, not as a foolish one.  My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. You will need that lamp, and the light of truth that comes by faith to make it in these last days, as most around you display their arrogance and hatred toward the things of God, and the word of God, only those that trust me and walk in my word by faith will have their needs met,  and walk in boldness without fear of evil and the calamity around them.  Only those who will not back down from the giants in the land, the corruption, and threatening darkness, will be secure upon the rock, Jesus, and when the flood comes to wash and sweep away, they shall not fear, and will not fall or be overtaken by the flood, but will be able by my hand, the hand of God, to stand firm, and overcome evil with good. They will eat from the provision I the Lord will give them, and their trust will be in what I will do for them, not what men can do, or say they will do.  So fear not, those who hold fast to my word, and truly love me, and have faith in my promises. I will never abandon you. I will never forsake you. I will never leave you as an orphan. Do not fear but only believe. Believe what I have said to you in my word. Believe the true one's who bring to you my word, and do not follow a strangers voice. There are now, and there will be, even more strange voices in the land in coming days. Be careful how you hear, how you listen, and what your eyes and ears behold.  Satan comes as an angel of light, and many false prophets, teachers, preachers and even those in Government and other leaders, friends and neighbors, will speak words that sound like words of hope, but these words will be deceptive !  False !  They will not be my words says the Lord God , but words birthed from those in darkness, directed by their god, the devil,  to sound sweet and promising to the entire world, and cloaked in the guise of hope and prosperity, but these who bring such false peace and false direction, do so to cause you to stumble and loose heart and fall into darkness the same as they are. That which is spoken  and heard, must line up with the word of God, the truth, the light, for I am the Lord God almighty.  Jesus Christ. I am the way (direction) the truth (revelation and understanding), and the light, ( inspiration).  Only by 'my Word' will you live and be in safe pasture. Only by 'my Word' will you know the truth and be able, as you obey the truth, to  be set free. Free from fear, free from the devices of men, free from that which formally enslaved you. True freedom by the holy spirit, freedom that only I can give to you to bring you true peace. My peace, that will guard your hearts and minds, and direct you in the way you should go, and cause you to love one another and walk in peace with one another in my name, and I will walk among those of you who love and obey me in such a way,  and I will be your God, and you will be my people. Do not look to the "left" or to the "right."   Keep your eyes straight ahead fixed firmly by faith upon Jesus Christ. Do not be distracted, do not be hindered by  things that seek to take you out of my presence, but seek me while I can be found. Those who seek me with all their heart shall find me, and I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek me. I will provide for you, and guide you and watch over you and love you as no one else can. I will take you by the hand and lead you through the dark times and the valley of the shadow of death and you shall fear no evil.  So hear me now. Trust my word, the word Of God, Christ Jesus. I will be unto you a refuge and a hiding place in times of trouble, I will protect you and fight for you, and will set you high above your enemies, and you will not be overtaken, you will be more than a conquer, you will have renewed strength and confidence and wisdom and know that I am God, and in this, others that see your walk and your anointing,  will also know, as you show them the kingdom of God, that I am he.  I AM.  The great I AM has sent you, and will be with you, and I will use you to bring others into the ark ...Jesus !  When the flood waters of evil rise higher and higher you will not fear, your house will not fall, you will not cave in to the pressure and lies of the evil one and those around you that wish to do you harm, but you will be like a light set high on a hill, and I will give you the words to speak when you open your mouth. They will not be your words, they will be my words and they will bring forth that which I desire for each person and situation you speak to. My word is powerful as a double edged sword, and as you speak in boldness by faith without fear, I will bring forth healing, life, salvation, and warning, and all who hear will know they have heard the voice of God. If they choose the truth they too shall be saved, and if they choose the broad way, they will in their own devices, be destroyed. But all on the narrow path, all who love and obey me, and trust my name and love righteousness, and cling to me by faith shall be saved. Do not be fooled. I will not me mocked. Do not think you are prepared to walk with me because you think you are good, or belong to a certain group or a certain denomination or sect. It is through repentance and by my grace through faith that I will bring you into my house and heart.  I will live in you, and you in me by faith, not by works. Not because of your position or title or even your good deeds.  You shall know me by the washing of my blood, and the work of the cross, as you surrender your life to me through repentance of sin, and follow me by my spirit that will live in you and guide you and give you the wisdom to walk in righteousness. My righteousness. It is all by my grace. My grace to you, as you  by faith,  trust me and love me, and abandon yourself to me and me alone. I will keep you, and you shall stand and not fall, and I will be your God, and you will be my people. My beloved ones.  Whatsoever you ask of me I will give unto you because you love me.   Fear not little ones. You wear my amour, and your weapons of warfare are not carnal, they are not the weapons of this world, on the contrary, they have divine power, to demolish strongholds and arguments, and every pretension and every lofty thing that raises itself up against the knowledge of God.  I will cause you to walk as a giant slayer. So fear not, you will through me, by faith, pull down strong holds, and destroy all speculation and all that does not line up with my word, and you will be my people, and I will be your God, even in the flood, and the darkness, and in the most difficult of times, I will be with you, and provide for you and never leave you. Fear not the coming days, fear not the evil that will try to come to you, but stand firm in your faith, and trust me, and believe in me and I will fight for you and give you rest, and comfort you in every trial and affliction. Do not trust in man, this brings a curse, but place your entire trust in me , Jesus Christ. Trust in my word, in my name. I will not forsake the one who loves me and trust in me alone.  Fear not !  I am your source for everything. I am your healer and provider and your protection, your guide,  your wisdom, and your salvation and deliverer.  I have much more to say to those who love me, and when the time is right, those who have an ear to hear will know what the spirit of God is saying to them, and follow him in obedience and sincerity. Fear not little ones, I have overcome the world, and as you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall overcome the world the flesh and the devil.  Fear not.   Only believe upon me.  Jesus Christ. Do not allow anyone to turn you away from me. Cling to me and I will meet your every need in a dry and sun scorched land, and I will strengthen your frame !


This is what the Lord saysÖ..




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