BY:  Gary R. Kane


As I spoke to a dear friend the other day in our conversation I made the statement that most people just "go" to Church, instead of "Being" the Church. I am not sure how many really understand this yet. It is not about going. It is all about Being !
When you have your fellowship the next time you meet, 'BE.'  Be the blessing of God to others he wants you to be. I'm not talking just about shaking hands and smiles and after Church dinners. I am talking about learning what the body is about and Being that body of Christ not only in your gatherings, but everyday. Being. Being Like Jesus, Being the vessel the Holy Spirit works through and ministers through to others. This means dying to self interest and dying to being comfortable.
So many Pastors are very comfortable. They draw their wages, and don't do much praying or fasting or getting before God, and live a nice life of ease and comfort. They are also void of the fire of God !
This man, I do not want for a Pastor...   Preaching/Pastoring, is not a job. It is a calling. A calling from the God of this universe to serve him, to lay down your life and teach both by the Word of God, and by example the holiness of the Lord, and how to walk in it. Teach the Holy from the profane. The anointing on so very many men has vanished. It won't return until there is a laying hold of the horns of the altar and a true cry before the Lord for his people, his Church, and for the restoration of 'the call' to once again  arise and fill ones self with Hoy Ghost power and anointing and love and compassion for the sheep he was called to feed and tend to with a piercing word from the throne of almighty God !   Also to know the Pastor is not the 'whole loaf.' He to is only a part. Not the big king over the little kings, not the one man band, not the man with all the answers. None of this.
IF he is there by God's calling to be there, then he is there to walk in this:
11 So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, 12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 13 until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

 14 Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming. 15 Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. 16 From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.     (Emphasis here is mine)


This says that Jesus is the "Head."  Not a Man !   Don't let anyone rob you from "Being."  If you know Jesus, you can lay hands on the sick, cast out demons, share the word of God, use the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and hear God as good as anyone else if you seek his face and listen for him to speak to you.  'Building up the body in love while 'each part' does its work...

This joking, watered down play house of what is supposed to be a House of Prayer, has got to once again have the life of Jesus Christ in it ! We need the miracles of God. All of us. We need the conviction, the brokenness, the godly sorrow and true repentance that leads to life ! We need Jesus in our midst and that is all we need is Christ !  All else is simply nothing more than Religion.
Beloved. I write to you with a broken heart and in great sincerity concerning, "Being," Not going.  Please cry out to the Lord in your own secret closet of prayer and pull heaven down in those prayers for your Pastor and those in your fellowship and for yourself, to have that fresh fire. A fire that is real. The fire that stays and burns hotter and hotter for the need and love and presence of God in your midst and in the midst of your gatherings ! Encourage those around you to do the same thing. Join with one another and lay hold of the Lord Jesus and don't let go until he comes in fire on you and on the ones that were called to share the Word of God with you and walk with you.  Pray them, and yourself, to walk out of the comfort zone.
God so richly bless and minister to each and every one of you.
I pray the message below will be a blessing to you all !



Body broken and blood shed make it plain that salvation is not about getting comfortable with who we are and how we are. Salvation is about loving enough to sacrifice everything, even our lives for the sake of the one we love. Salvation is about loving the world enough to come into Jerusalem or Washington or wherever and tell the truth that no one wants to hear." ~ Frank Allen

When you take an "inflexible stand", it seems that people will begin to avoid you, because they know that you are not going to yield to their viewpoint... (or change your mind) - When that Inflexible Stand is taken on the Word of God, the solid rock foundation, they know they cannot win...

So, they will either yield, or more often avoid you, because they do not want to submit to the truth... I.E. in "counting the cost", and while they are standing in a lie, (false foundation), they know that the truth will expose their false foundation and erode it.   But they do not want to give up, because they are too comfortable and secure in their lie...

The Truth is too painful, and they are trying to avoid the pain... (suffering in the flesh).

Enjoying the passing pleasures (of sin) rather than going to the cross and enduring the temporary discomfort (pain) of the truth that brings healing...

They don't realize that there is joy on the other side of the cross (Heb 12:2) resurrection after death - death to self, death to pride, death to lust, death to the false security of the "comfort zone" of the flesh!!! ~ Resurrection Life, & peace and joy, on the other side! They view the "true gospel," as something to hard, and demanding, and those that bring it to ruff and harsh. Of course this is their excuse, (one of them), for they must find some excuse to move on to the "softer church," the easier way, the fun place.

These people isolate themselves from those who speak the truth boldly, and eventually convince others as well, to do the same. This "avoidance," leads them into further deception, and eventually death. Of course it is all based on "Pride."

They believe Christ should be kept in his little box, and only be truly talked about on Sunday. We would not dare spend hours during the week, praising God, and talking about what He is doing in our lives, and in the church, and the earth.. No No, they act as though this is taboo, to mention such things during the week, or to engage in Christian conversation for any period of time over meals, or at home gatherings, or even at work.

So, they keep "their Jesus," (which is no Jesus at all), in their religious breast pocket, and only let him out when they need him, or go to a dead bible study with the rest of the unbelieving believers in their soft gospel cemetery called their church!

Obedience to the will of the Father! (living sacrifices -Romans 12:1-2) The cross is not an easy experience, it is painful to suffer and die! But, those who suffer in the flesh, cease from sin... They know the joy of an Abundant (resurrection) Life! They walk in relationship in the Lord Jesus Christ! They are hungry to be with those who are like minded in their hunger for God. They read all they can get their hands on that is good and will truly edify them, and help them to know the Lord more intimately. They are starving for the Word of God, and the worship and communion with the Holy Spirit, not only in their secret closet of worship and prayer, on a daily basis, but also with the saints. I am not talking about Church service on Sunday morning here, I am talking about a people so in love with the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Word, that they look for ways to meet with other brothers and sisters who deeply love the Lord, and want to praise, and worship, and share the good things of God.

This "Sunday morning religious spirit," is worse than any cancer known to mankind. It is those who are the true remnant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and have truly given Him all, all, all, their hearts, that cannot contain themselves from talking about Him, and meeting with others, in homes, stores, restaurants, anywhere, everywhere, and just have Holy Ghost fellowship, and speak of the things of God, and what he is doing in their hearts. praising Him for his goodness, and praying for those who do not have this Holy fire!

The devil is a snake, a liar, and a deceiver. He will, and has, convinced tens of thousands, that "they are ok," when in fact, they are a synagogue of Satan. People who despise prophecy, (won't listen or obey it), who mock God's true prophets, (by turning a deaf ear to their words), by saying this is to hard, to harsh, to negative, I can't tolerate this, I must go where it is not so demanding, where I am not held so accountable, where I can blend in and look like a Christian,  but not act like one !

This is the heart of the whore-harlot, and the harlot church, all under the direction and leadership of the Bewitching Jezebel !

Wake up oh sleeper and rise from the dead, and let the light of the gospel of Christ shine on you ! Stop thinking your are "safe," just because the Pastor, or people there are all so friendly ! You can go to the corner bar and have a friendly time! You can join the Mormon cult, and be treated friendly. You can become a Jehovah's witness cult, or one of any hundred other cults and be treated friendly!

 If their is not a piercing word from the Bible coming forth in your class, or from the pulpit, or your friends, that causes you to be both convicted, challenged, edified, and corrected, and encouraged. If there is not a word coming forth to bring the needed fear of God. If the leadership there, and the members, do not walk with you in such a way to help you stay accountable for your walk, even if it means setting you down and sharing things with you that are unpleasant to the flesh, and if this is not done in love, grace, and mercy, with the "motive," to see you become more like Jesus, and with a passionate heart..... Then you need to run ! For you have found a house of destruction, with Pastor disaster in the pulpit, and pretenders in the pews !

Ground yourselves in the Word of God. Jesus did not write it to please folks, nor did he send his servants to win friends and influence people, "at the expense of weakening the word to get them."  He sends his servants as flames of fire, with signs and wonders following them, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit all over them, and a tongue that speaks the truth in boldness, and with great authority, in love.  God is the same yesterday today, and forever more! Stop running from the truth, and trying to find a "comfortable playground".  God does not have any of those in your town, or any where else!  If you find one, don't look for Him to be there, he will not be found.

Seek the Lord, seek His remnant people, seek His truth, seek His heart, and He will convict you of where you need to be in order to be in His presence, and with those who want the same, not out of excessive emotionalism, but out of faith, and a pure desire of love for the truth !

"You'll know them by their fruit......................"



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